5 terrifying animals that are now extinct

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Along the history, thousands of animals have gone extinct, some of which were really terrifying, both terrestrial and marine. Species that just by looking at them gave real fear.


Although its appearance was very similar to that of a dinosaur, it was actually a giant reptile that lived 250 million years ago. It had saber teeth with which it captured its prey in a matter of seconds. It disappeared after the Permian mass extinction, which wiped out 80% of the Earth’s animal species.


A creature of nothing more and nothing less than 2 meters long that looked like a hybrid of crab, scorpion and flea. It inhabited the Earth between 248 and 510 million years ago. It fed on carrion, and also disappeared during the Permian mass extinction.


A snake about 12 meters long that lived between 80 and 50 million years ago. It is the largest snake that has ever inhabited the Earth. It was a carnivorous animal that lived in the jungle.


a carnivorous marine reptile who lived in the middle and upper Juridical, between 160 and 155 million years ago. It could grow up to 6.4 meters long. A partial specimen of a jaw 2.8 meters in length is on display at the Oxford University Museum of Natural History.


It’s about a giant fish that lived on planet Earth 370 million years ago. In adulthood it could weigh 1,000 kilos and be 6 meters long. The most curious thing is that his forest was not made up of teeth, but of bones. Its bite in many cases was lethal as it had as much force as that of a crocodile. It was cannibalistic, so it could eat other specimens of its kind.

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These are the scariest animals that have already become extinct. According to data provided by the International Union for Conservation of Nature, there are currently approximately 5,200 species in danger of extinction: 34% fish, 25% mammals and amphibians, 20% reptiles and 11% birds.

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