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5 Times Adriana Lima Went Makeup-Free and Looked Stunning

5 Times Adriana Lima Went Makeup-Free and Looked Stunning

Adriana Lima is one of the most iconic Victoria’s Secret Angels ever and has undergone quite the stunning transformation over the years. Did you know she looks just as angelic even without a face full of makeup? Lima has made it clear on multiple occasions that she’s a big fan of cosmetics. In fact, she even likes to layer new makeup over old. “I wash my face, but I don’t rub [mascara] off with makeup remover. Makeup girls know that’s not enough to take off mascara,” she explained to Bustle in 2017. “So, whatever is left over, I just apply more over top.” Though we wouldn’t exactly recommend this method (though she somehow makes it work), Lima’s love of cosmetics means she’s not often seen out and about barefaced.

But then again, we wouldn’t expect anything less from the iconic face of Maybelline cosmetics. Though Lima may not be ditching her products all that regularly, she has gone au naturel a handful of times to prove once and for all that she’s an absolute natural beauty. As her makeup-free photos show, even though she has gorgeous, naturally glowing skin, Lima isn’t afraid to get real and show that even the most famous models aren’t necessarily runway-ready at all times. When she’s showing the world how tired she is after skipping time in the makeup chair, there’s absolutely no doubting that Lima was born to strut the runway regardless.

Adriana Lima proved even Victoria’s Secret Angels aren’t always ready for the runway at the drop of a hat in 2015 when she posted a gorgeous barefaced photo to Facebook immediately after a shower. She proudly displayed a little redness on her cheeks and nose and some smudged mascara under her eyes (unsurprising seeing as she’s no fan of taking it off properly). “So nice [that] you post no make up no filter photo always. You are beautiful on [the] inside also,” one fan wrote appreciatively in response to the upload.

Back in 2017, we got to see what Adriana Lima really looks like without makeup before she put her cosmetics on herself in a fun tutorial. The super-rich Victoria’s Secret model shot a video for Vogue to show the world how she gets ready for a night out, and Lima began the clip without a single product on her skin. The Victoria’s Secret Angel started with such a flawless base that she didn’t need any heavy, thick foundation regardless. Instead, she mixed a BB Cream and a primer to enhance her jaw-droppingly dewy, natural glow.

Also in 2017, Adriana Lima ditched the cosmetics for a gorgeous selfie. The star posted the snap to Facebook, which showed her with her hair pulled back tightly as she gazed into the camera with her gorgeous doe eyes. As if we needed another reason to be envious of this beauty, she didn’t have a single blemish or any hint of dark circles under her eyes. And fans couldn’t get enough. “Looks better without makeup. Natural beauty should be advertised more often for all the little girls growing up in today’s world,” one person commented.

Even as a self-confessed makeup junkie, Adriana Lima clearly still feels comfortable going without when she’s surrounded by her nearest and dearest. The Victoria’s Secret Angel posted this smiley selfie to Facebook in 2022, proving once again she has a gorgeous natural glow even without any highlighter or blush. Clearly, her skincare routine works. If you’re looking for some expert advice from the lady herself, Lima advised Byrdie in 2023: “It’s very important to moisturize your skin on a daily basis and use sunblock.”

Adriana Lima has also said goodbye to the cosmetics to get real with her fans. In November 2023, the supermodel received some less-than-kind comments about her appearance, but she decided to clap back with some seriously confident queen vibes instead of slinking away. Lima posted a makeup-free selfie to her Instagram Stories while detailing all the things making her so tired, alongside a sassy “thanks for your concern,” (via Instagram). The Victoria’s Secret Angel proudly showed off her under-eye circles and skin hyperpigmentation, which only added to her oh-so-real beauty.

Source: The List