50 States of Fright’ Anthology: Horror Stories from Across the USA

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A horror anthology series from the USA is called 50 States of Fright. The show examines tales based on folklore from states like Colorado, Florida, Iowa, Missouri, Oregon, and Washington. On April 13, 2020, Quibi aired the series’ first episode.

Characters And The Cast

  • As Sheriff Stallings, Karen Allen
  • As Ashley Whitmore III, Alex Fitzalan
  • As Sebastian, James Ransone
  • As Megan, Emily Hampshire
  • As Kenneth Soaper, Warren Abbott
  • As María Vazquez, Danay Garca
  • David Ming-Na Wen as Susan, Travis Fimmel as Heather, and Rachel Brosnahan as Holly
  • Asa Butterfield portrays Brandon Boyd.
  • Andy is John Marshall Jones.


A story from each state is distributed across two or three “Quibis” in the alleged anthology horror series 50 States of Fright.

Every narrative begins with the statement, “every state has its mythology, tall stories of legends — but occasionally there is a darker tale, a story that is really, as whispered.” Given the amount of yelling and the eagerness with which each episode’s narrator blurts forth their state’s history, I assume the final part is humorous.

The most intriguing aspect of this notion is its dedication to giving up-and-coming directors a platform for the three tales offered with Quibi’s trial version, the first recorded by Raimi. Yoko Okumura and John Spindell are competent and appear to be enjoying the material; it’s solely a pity that the content itself could be of better quality.

The Golden Arm- First Chapter In 50 States Of Fright

50 States of Fright’ Anthology: Horror Stories from Across the USA

The Golden Arm (Michigan), the first story in 50 States of Fright, is so ludicrous that it is an extended piece created to fulfil the requirements of a contract.

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The story revolves around a couple of high school sweethearts; the lady (Sophie Brosnahan, who spent her salary on something pleasant) is referred to as “expensive” and beautiful, while her partner (Travis Fimmel) is a logger who studies chair schematics when he feels his wife isn’t looking.

As he forces his wife to assist him in cutting down a tree, tragedy ensues. As a result, she enters the titular prosthesis after losing her arm. The narrator, who seems forced to drive what little subtext and complexity the narrative has to the surface, states, “It was like a drug”.

She refused to give up her golden arm when the doctor diagnosed her with “Pulmonary Gold Disease,” a genuine condition.

Oregon’s Scared Stiff- The Best Of The Group

In light of this, “Scared Stiff (Oregon)” is perhaps the greatest of the three since it strikes the ideal between absurdly idiotic and enjoyable. The story revolves around “Sebastian Klepper,” an absurdly named taxidermist who has won 10 awards.

One evening, a guy knocks on his door after running over an unknown creature. He decides to fill the beast after expressing his reluctance to the town’s rival taxidermist (perhaps the funniest moment in the series).

There follows a cute little taxidermy montage who recognises the creature as a newborn Bigfoot after comparing the finished item to the illustrations in his handy book of weird animals. Naturally, this implies that the Sasquatch’s parent is a murderous monster.

It’s adorable, expertly done, and doesn’t linger too long. Notably, “Scared Stiff” provides the series with a model to follow. Having viewed the first eight episodes, I can’t say 50 States of Fright is all that wonderful.

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New Seasons

The Lowa: Almost there, the ghost of her dead mother is terrorising the engineer as a thunderstorm is blowing in the middle of Iowa, and a turbine needs to be maintained.

Scott Beck and Bryan Woods are the authors.

Featuring: Ron Livingston, Katie Stuart, and Taissa Farmiga

Thirteen Steps To Hell: A sister goes down a weird underground staircase next to an old Washington cemetery to get her younger brother’s missing toy, but she gets more than she bargained for.

Author: Sarah Conradt

Lee Cronin is the director.

Rory Culkin and Lulu Wilson are the stars.

Red Rum, Colorado: A gang of “influencers” finds themselves under assault by spirits who would like not to be disturbed when they move into Colorado’s most scary home.

Daniel Goldhaber is the director.

Featuring: Victoria Justice, Colin Ford, Jacob Batalon, and Christina Ricci

Missouri: A little girl finds a new companion who is a highly ancient and vengeful soul as her family relocates to a new village in rural Missouri.

Author: Cate Devaney

Cate Devaney is the director.

Erica Tremblay, Elizabeth Reaser, and Warren Christie are the stars.

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