500 people demonstrate in Palma against sexist violence

500 people demonstrate in Palma against sexist violence

More than 500 people have protested, this Thursday, in Palma against sexist violence in a demonstration called by the Feminist Movement of Mallorca, in which they have tried «Make social rejection visible».

Under the slogan ‘Fartes de violències masclistes’, the demonstration started from Plaza del Mercat to end at Plaza de España, where a manifesto was read “Radically different from other years”.

Through this text, a voice has been given to victims of gender violence, which, according to the spokesperson for the Feminist Movement of Mallorca, Cécile Parra, “We are all of us.” «All women, at any time in our life, of violence or sexist aggression and this year we have put the emphasis on these experiences ”, he explained.

Parra stressed that this 25N, International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, they take to the streets to claim and raise their voices after months of pandemic. During the demonstration, posters with slogans such as’Let’s stop sexist terrorism‘,’ Here are the promoters of Equality ‘or’ Long live, the feminist struggle ‘.

«Women are fed up with the aggressions we suffer, rapes, murders, sexual assaults and violence of all kinds, “he asserted, while complaining that” there is not a brave, firm and courageous bet and endowed with resources to eradicate sexist violence.

In addition to highlighting the fact that many women have had to live with their abuser during the months of state of alarm, Parra recalled that during the confinement “evidently” the complaints fell because the victims “felt trapped.” “The Balearic Islands sadly leads the state rate of victims of sexist violence in the entire state,” he stressed.

From the Feminist Movement of Mallorca have asked victims to report. “As a society we must ask ourselves questions such as what is happening with the system so that they do not dare to denounce,” added Parra, who has considered that the situation improves only because of the feminist movement against patriarchy.

They have attended the protest political representatives of all institutions as the Minister of the Presidency, Public Function and Equality, Mercedes garrido; the Minister of Social Affairs and Sports, Fine Santiago; the Minister of Economic Model, Tourism and Labor, Iago Negueruela; the Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food, Mae de la Concha; the President of Parliament, Vicenç Thomàs; the Vice-President of Parliament, Gloria Santiago; the Minister of the Presidency of the Consell de Mallorca, Javier de Juan; and representatives of UGT and CCOO, among others.

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