57 paid Android apps and games that are free on Google Play today, August 4

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In the Google Play Store, the official store for Android mobiles, the applications are divided into several groups: We have ‘Early Access’ trial versions, free apps, apps based on a Freemium model -free to download but with internal micropayments-, and paid apps, whether games or services.

But every week, every day in fact, some of these payment apps or with micropayments become available for free, at no cost. Only temporarily, yes.

Today is Wednesday, August 4, which means that we are already in the middle of the week. If you want free things for your mobile, today you can download up to 57 paid applications for Android in the Google Play Store.

Free apps for August 4

Next we give you the list with links and the price that the app usually has -a list compiled by various websites such as Notengosierto. Some tell you how many more days they will be free, others will not put it, but the installation is free.

You may see that in the Google Store there are more than 50 free apps today, the reason why we put this amount is to follow a criterion. In this case, only those that approximately exceeded a valuation have been included 3.5 out of 5 stars:


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