6 Horror Movies to Binge-watch This Halloween

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Halloween is just a few sleeps away, and we all know that there’s no better way to spend the night scooped up in a blanket with your family and friends as you watch the scariest films of all time. Of course, we want you to have a good time, so we’ve carefully selected six horror movies that you need to watch this year’s Halloween. 

But before you start binge-watching these movies, we recommend you check the speed and stability of your internet connection so you can enjoy them to the fullest. Let’s start!

Haunted Mansion

This new Disney+ movie is a combination of comedy, horror, and supernatural. It’s all about a widowed mom and his son who moved to Gracey Manor hoping for a new beginning. They have a good plan of turning this manor into a simple bed and breakfast, but their plan takes a turn when they discover that the place is haunted by many ghosts. They will then meet an astrophysicist and a psychic to unravel the mystery of this place.

The Devil on Trial

The Devil on Trial is a thrilling documentary about the case of Arne Johnson, who became popular as he claimed that he was possessed by the devil when he killed his landlord in 1981. The investigation included lawyers, witnesses, paranormal investigators, and Arne Johnson’s girlfriend. 

This documentary is a good watch if you believe in paranormal stuff. Also, what we think is the best part about this is it shows both sides of the story. It’s definitely a good watch.

The Boogeyman

Based on Stephen King’s short story, The Boogeyman is about a female high school student and her younger sister who are still both grieving from the death of their mom. Unfortunately, their father, who’s a therapist, is also dealing with his own pain, so he wasn’t giving much to his kids. 

One day, there was a patient who went to their house to ask for help. Little did they know that this person left a mythical creature in their house that feeds off the suffering of others. This adaptation is by far one of the best Stephen King movies, so we really recommend you watch it. Everything just worked so well, from the plot to the acting of the cast. 

If you plan to watch this, make sure to have a reliable internet connection like HughesNet so you can really enjoy the flow of the film. 

Ouija Origin of Evil

Ouija Origin of Evil is the prequel to Oujia that was released in 2014. Many people say that it was better than the first movie, and we surely agree. If you really want to get scared, this is the movie you’d want to watch. It’s about a widow and her two daughters who started a scam fortune-telling business. 

They meant well, as they just wanted to help people move on with their lives. Their business is going well, but the mother has a clever idea of using the Ouija board. That’s when they started experiencing terrifying encounters with evil spirits. 

No One Will Save You

If you liked the film A Quiet Place, then you might think that this film is interesting. Basically, No One Will Save You is a sci-fi horror movie that doesn’t have any dialogue throughout the movie. It’s all about an isolated young woman who needs to survive when she gets attacked by a group of aliens. The film is entertaining and thrilling overall, but this might not be for you if you like films heavy on dialogue.

The Possession of Hannah Grace

If you’re familiar with The Autopsy of Jane Doe, this film has kind of some resemblance to that film. The story is about Megan, an ex-cop who now works in a creepy morgue. Her daily task is to print and film the dead. If that isn’t scary enough, right? 

Then, Megan’s morgue received the body of a brutally murdered woman named Hannah Grace. All things started to get weird as Megan tried to photograph and fingerprint Hannah’s corpse. The next thing she knows, she is battling for her life. 

Final Thoughts

With this list, we’re pretty sure you’ll have a blast with your friends, family, or even yourself if you’re feeling brave. But we wouldn’t recommend you watch these movies alone because they’re really terrifying. Happy Halloween!

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