6 movies that were filmed in Ireland and you didn’t know about it

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Beautiful landscapes, clover, rugby and whiskey are the most characteristic symbols of Ireland. The European nation has much to offer its visitors and not only as tourists: it was also home to important productions of Hollywood that you surely remember, but that you did not know that they had been filmed there. Discover the most recognized!

How could it be otherwise, many of the films include Irish customs in their plots and serve to make their culture known. Whether in the classic pubs of Dublin or having a Jameson at a party, the indigenous seal is hidden inside the tapes.

+ All these movies that were filmed in Ireland

6. Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince: the hills of the majestic Cliffs of Moher

The Harry Potter film was released in 2009. (IMDb)

Hogwarts It became one of the most impressive cliffs in the world for one scene. On Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, Dumbledore brought to Harry towards a rock on the waters of the Atlantic. The surrounding landscape was as colossal as it was real: the cliffs made the sequence more spectacular. It is the Cliffs of Moher, a tourist attraction in Ireland. You can get there by car from Galway City and enjoy a breathtaking view of the ocean.

5. Saving Private Ryan: Ballinesker beach was Normandy

rescuing private ryan tom hanks steven spielberg

Saving Private Ryan won five of the eleven Oscars for which he was nominated. (IMDb)

This 1998 cult classic is considered among the greatest productions in history. Directed by Steven Spielberg and starring Tom Hanks, grossed no less than $ 481 million and portrayed World War II like few other tapes. Precisely the landing in Normandy, key in that warlike conflict, was not recorded in France, but on Ballinesker beach in the south of the country. Even local troops participated in the filming.

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4. My Left Foot: Bow Street, the iconic street where Dublin’s most famous distillery is located, the Jameson Distillery

My left foot

My Left Foot turned thirty years old in 2019. (IMDb)

This 1989 film is a poignant biopic of the paralyzed artist Christy Brown. The fantastic performance of Daniel Day-Lewis it was worth a Oscar for his interpretation and showed the life of Brown from their departures taking Jameson in the pubs of Dublin to his most recognized works. This area of ​​the Irish capital is more than worth visiting because it was the cradle of geniuses in literature and cinema, and today it is a very attractive study center for international students.

3. Brave heart: the best irish castles

mel gibson brave heart

Mel Gibson directed and starred in the film. (IMDb)

Although it seems strange for a film with such a Scottish tone, Mel Gibon chose (as director and as protagonist) the castles of Ireland to portray the imposing buildings of the time. He chose Curragh Field, Trim Castle and Bective Abbey as his locations. As it happened with Saving Private Ryan, It was the Irish forces that lent themselves to participate in the war takings.

2. Lassie: Macgillycuddy’s Reeks Mountains for the World’s Best Dog

lassie remake

There is no more iconic dog in the movies than Lassie. (IMDb)

The 2005 remake of the iconic dog story Lassie He was looking for locations and it was the Government of Ireland who offered him their facilities because they wanted to promote tourism in the country. As the producers wanted a mountainous landscape, they accepted and used the Macgillycuddy ‘s Reeks Mountains, the highest mountain range in Ireland, as a setting.

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1. Star Wars: Mark Hamill drinking whiskey with locals from Kerry

the last jedi star wars episode viii

The second part of the sequel trilogy has proponents and naysayers alike. (IMDb)

Star Wars, Episodio VIII, was recorded in 2017 in part at Skellig Michael within County Kerry. As the media broke the news, the locals were approaching the film set and even the same Mark Hamill was seen drinking whiskey with some of them.

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