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6 signs it’s time to quit your job

During this second year of the pandemic, millions of people have quit their jobs, a phenomenon driven by the field of possibilities that has opened up with remote work, multiple surveys show.

Also with the pandemic we have all felt a lot of exhaustion and the stressors in our lives have intensified. Sometimes we have a bad day, a disagreement with our boss or coworkers, and it is normal, but there are times when we feel dissatisfied all the time in the place where we spend the most hours of our day.

If you’ve ever wondered how to know if it’s time to quit your job or don’t dare to leave a position that makes you unhappy because you’re not sure it’s the right time, here we share six signals compiled by CNN Business that will help you they can help.

Job stagnation can occur in different ways. For instance, when you know that you do not have the possibility of a promotion, a salary increase, learning new skills, improvement. All of this is an important sign that it is time to look elsewhere for other opportunities.

Likewise, when your boss makes you promises that he doesn’t keep and you’ve spent too much time waiting for the new position or improvements and benefits that never come; This is a sign of stagnation and that your employer is not giving you the value you deserve.

Having the occasional disagreement with the boss is normal in any job, but when the problems go beyond casual disagreements or specific differences of criteria, it can become a danger to your productivity, your career advancement and your mental health.

“When you feel like you have to constantly monitor what you are saying … when you feel like you are constantly being scold or evaluated, that you sit under a microscope all the time, and that you feel like your boss is not supporting you, there is no trust there; three things are present, it will not work, “Foram Sheth, director of coaching and co-founder of the company Ama La Vida, told CNN.

Also, be aware of any type of intimidating or toxic behavior, many times the bosses act in accordance with the culture that exists in the company, and in such cases the best option is to run away.

If all your work activities give you so much laziness or rejection that you constantly postpone them, you leave them for the last moment and you are not passionate about any of your tasks, that could be a sign that it’s time to move on.

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