6 Steps to Help you Study for Your CDL Exam

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Obtaining your CDL is a smart decision to pursue a career in the trucking industry. When the US has a shortage of truck drivers, you are guaranteed to find a job with a decent salary. Once you obtain your certification, be sure that many cdl jobs are waiting for you.

However, preparing for the CDL exam might appear overwhelming. The manual you are given consists of 180 pages which are hard to memorize. If you don’t want to waste your time, we prepared helpful tips for you. Once you go through them, you will know how to get ready for your CDL exam.

Take your time

Before the big day, you will take a proper training course. You can choose whether you want to take the training in-person or online. Next, you need to get prepared for the exam.

Studying a day before the exam won’t yield the best results. You will be tired, and your information retention will be compromised. Instead, take your time and plan ahead. It is essential to understand the information to make you a better and safer driver

Check the test requirements

Figuring out what you need to study is a first step in the process. You can check study guides to find out more about this. Firstly, you should focus on general knowledge. Then, you can extend to narrow topics related to your specific niche.

Take diagnostic exam

You might already know some of the things included in the exam, so testing your current knowledge is a good starting point. You can find practice tests online to get a grasp of the questions required. Make sure to note the topics that you aren’t familiar with, as this step will help you further in the process. Also, you will get a real feel of what the test will look like. 

Get the manual

The CDL manual is the most critical resource for studying. You should go to your state’s DMV website to download a copy. Alternatively, you can get a hard copy at your local DMV to get yourself prepared for the test. 

Outline the things that you don’t know

In one of the previous steps, you took a diagnostic exam to test your current knowledge. You were happy to find out that you already know some of the questions presented on the test. However, you also found topics that you aren’t familiar with. We advised you to note the questions that you didn’t know. In this part of the process, you will assess the mentioned topics. Go through the table of contents and mark the complex topics. Instead of wasting your time on things you are already familiar with, you can focus on the other topics for the best results.

The studying process will take some time, so be sure to find a distraction-free spot. Grab some snacks for refueling and water for hydration to improve your focus.

Put your knowledge to the test

Once you are done studying for your CDL, it is time to assess your knowledge. You can do it in so many ways, starting from flashcards to taking additional practice questions. You can download apps to help you in the process or do fun quizzes with family or friends. 

Final thoughts

The CDL exam is an important part of the process. After you pass your training, you need to dedicate time to studying. For the best results, you should identify the topics you aren’t familiar with and focus on them. Once you have the CDL certification in your hands, you have a wide range of job opportunities to choose from.

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