6 Things You Didn’t Know About Writing Essays

Part of a student’s life involves writing essays. A student who’s in their fourth year might have written countless essays. Before they joined college, their first paper to write was an admission essay. After they joined college, they continued writing essays until they lost count. 

The advantage of writing multiple essays is that a student builds their writing skills. Regardless of how many essays a student has written, a closer look at them will reveal a lot of things they are yet to discover. 

Michel de Montaigne was the first person to write an essay

The first essay writer in the world lived between 1533 to 1592 AD. His name was Michel de Montaigne, a talented writer from France. In his first text, he had unique thoughts and attempted to put them in writing. After trying several times, he managed to write something that made sense. 

To attempt in French is ‘essayer’, which was later translated into English as an essay. Since students in college are learning how to do writing, they keep attempting many times until they learn to compose logical texts. This is how essays became common in universities as a teaching method to help students grow their writing skills. 

There is a writer available to write any type of essay you want

Oftentimes, many students struggle to write essays. They struggle to create attractive titles or do research. Students often have to balance writing essays, attending classroom lessons, and jobs. Many of them have missed the deadline multiple times and lost scores. 

There is one secret you might not know yet. There is a professional, skilled essay writer who is ready to write any type of essay you may want. For example, if you log in to bestessays.com, you can order any type of essay and get it within hours. Essay writers have existed for many years and have consistently helped millions of students complete their essays for high grades. 

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You can still write an essay even if you don’t have an idea

Great essays come from ideas that are then put into words. Many students procrastinate in writing essays due to a lack of ideas. What they don’t know is that it is possible to write an essay without a single idea. They only need to know what to do. 

  • When a student has no idea for an essay, they can start by general observation of the topic or prompt. For example, if they are writing about sea life, they can start by searching for everything about sea life. From the general information, the student can start narrowing it down until they get an idea. 
  • Another way is to read other people’s work for inspiration. 
  • Brainstorming is another good way to get ideas. 
  • A student can also go through their classroom notes to get ideas. 

More students in universities lack essay writing skills

If you lack essay writing skills, you are not the only one. Several studies have shown that at least six out of ten students lack essay writing skills. This means that only 40 percent of university students can write attractive essays. The rest of the students struggle to compose an essay or even search for information. 

Further research shows that those who manage to construct an essay get poor grades due to various reasons. They make a lot of grammar errors like missed punctuation, use of slang, and not capitalizing proper nouns. Many of them use casual language instead of using official writing language. 

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Today’s students write more essays than students of the 1990s

Essays in universities are not ending soon. They are increasing compared to students who schooled in the 1990s. Today, a university student should expect to write around 10-15 essays per semester. This means that if an academic year has three semesters, a student will write between 40 to 60 essays per academic year. That translates to over 200 essays in a four-year course. The total words are increasing too, with each essay having 40 to 60 pages. 

To write a winning essay, students need a wide range of skills

An essay is not just about writing pieces of text. Essay writing requires more skills than the way many students think. First, a student needs research skills to search for information and to know which places to research. This is what helps them to get strong points to argue about. 

Students need strong writing skills to create attractive essays. It is one thing to have the points to write. It is another thing to write the points in a way any person can understand. Students need good organization skills to write good essays. 

An essay is organized into a well-flowing structure, starting with the topic and going to the introduction, body, and conclusion. In the body, the essay is organized into paragraphs. 

Each paragraph covers one point starting with the strongest point. 

The student also needs to be good at organizing their time, sources, writing applications, and notes. Good organizational skills go hand in hand with good creative skills. 

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