6 times we failed Britney Spears

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Pop princess“, Britney Spears, is about to turn 40, with a career full of ups and downs Y scandals that have nothing to do with his song. This time it is the judgment of his protection puts it back in the news trends and social media. But perhaps many have forgotten the polemics of the singer in which it was indicated without knowing everything that was behind it, we have put together a list for you of the moments in which Britney Spears was misunderstood.

After the mental health crisis suffered by the singer in 2008, the court gave the power of her estate and other aspects of her life to her father, Jamie Spears. Britney wants to regain her autonomy, so her fans are supporting her with the campaign #FreeBritney (Free Britney), which has been joined by stars like Paris Hilton Y Miley Cyrus.

After the release of the documentary Framing Britney Spears, the public knew more than guardianship dispute, also showed a part of his scandals that few knew, in addition to providing a vision of the constant public scrutiny to which it has been subjected, which originated the #LoSentimosBritney

Moments when Britney Spears was misunderstoodgives

1. The press treated her as an adult

In a television show in which the singer appeared to promote “...Baby One More Time” In 1999, the presenter commented: “There is a topic that we have not discussed and that everyone is talking about “. The singer asked: “What is it about?” and the answer he received was: “Your breasts”.

Maybe more than 20 years ago nobody was scandalized, but now there is no need for further explanation to realize that a question like this on a television program was inappropriate and an uncomfortable moment for a young Britney of only 17 years.

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2. Uncomfortable questions

When her relationship with Justin TimberlakeThey asked him if he had slept with her. For her the questions were different, they asked him if he had done something wrong for him to leave her.

3.- Kiss with Madonna

The kiss between Britney and Madonna in the 2003 MTV Awards it monopolized the front pages, however there was a subject that stood out and it was Justin’s reaction. The cameras did not mind turning the moment Christina Aguilera kissed Madonna, they wanted to record Britney’s ex.

“Do you know why they did it? They turned the camera to get Justin’s reaction [Timberlake]. It was an image of Justin’s reaction. They were a couple, but even so, it was somewhat low “Christina herself said in an interview, according to ET Online.

4.- Britney “pelona”

2007 is perhaps the worst year for Britney Spears, she was 25 years old, had two children, a divorce in process and the glasses of the paparazzi on. Her ex-husband Kevin Federline petitioned the courts for full custody of their children, a situation that led the singer to fall into a depression.

This was the reason why her family admitted her to a rehab clinic, but two days later, the star decided to leave the place and go to a hair salon in Los Angeles and shave.

A few days later, the singer appeared at Federline’s house, with the intention of seeing her children, but having no response, she lost control. At that moment she was harassed by the press and Britney unloaded all her sadness and anger by hitting one’s car with an umbrella. paparazzi.

The press and the public turned against her, judging by losing control and questioning her mental health, what few knew was the depression she was going through.

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5. Her bikini photos

In 2019, Britney Spears accused the paparazzi of editing the images in which she appeared in bikini to harm her and make her look “fat”. So he shared a video on his social networks in which he explained: “What no one wonders is if the photos sold by the paparazzi are false or if they make arrangements to turn them into news. In the published photos it seems that I weigh 10 kilos more than today. This is how I am now, and I am skinny as a needle. What is real? “

6. The origin of the “Britney signal”

The singer visited Mexico to give a concert in 2002, since her arrival, the press began to persecute her and the photographers approached her car to “ask for a greeting”, she in response showed the middle finger, this gesture was baptized as ” The Britney Signal ”.

Many claimed that Britney was telling him “Fuck off” to his fans, however after learning more about his story, everything indicates that he was only showing his annoyance against the harassment of the press.

Now the search to regain her independence has led to memes and ridicule, but also a lot of support from her fans, the same support that the singer has needed at many times in her career.

What other controversial moment do you remember from “The Princess of Pop”?


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