7 curiosities that you probably did not know about La Casa de las Flores

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7 curiosities that you probably did not know about La Casa de las Flores

The House of Flowers premiered in 2018 and quickly became one of the streaming service’s biggest hits Netflix for its three seasons. As reported several months ago, the De la Mora family film is coming to grant her friend Delia her last wish and take revenge on Agustín. This tape will arrive in the platform catalog on June 23 and for that reason we prepare a list of curiosities that perhaps you did not know. Do not miss it!

+7 curiosities that you probably did not know about La Casa de las Flores

1. There are more versions of “La Casa de las Flores”: One is a store run by the De la Mora family and the other is a cabaret run by Ernesto de la Mora. This second establishment is a royal den that was adapted for history.

2. Paulina de la Mora speaks like this for a reason: Cecilia Suárez assured that the way of speaking occurred naturally in the recordings. This was consulted by the director and he accepted it. Because of how good it was, they re-recorded the first two episodes.

3. Elena de la Mora is the daughter of Eugenio Derbez and was pregnant when she started filming the program: It is about Aislinn Derbez, who followed in her father’s footsteps in acting. Also, during season 1 she was pregnant and they had to stop filming several times because she passed out and was nauseous.

4. They hardly tried: Derbez and Suárez said they hardly practiced the scenes from the first season. “It is rehearsed while it is recorded. Everything is very spontaneous,” they said.

5. Darío Yazbek (Julían) is the younger brother of Gael García Bernal: the hilarious character of Julián de la Mora is played by the brother of one of the stars of Mexican cinema.

6. Verónica Castro did not know that her character should smoke: in season 1 he was surprised to find out and disagreed. The actress had not been in a television series for about 10 years.

7. People from the production appear in some scenes: For some scenes, Manolo Caro needed a good amount of extras, as in the funeral of “Virginia”.

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