7 Secret Tricks Will Help You Get 10x Better Instagram Engagement in 2023


Are you a newbie to the Internet game? Are you tired of low views or likes on your Instagram content? Are you suffering from a low Instagram engagement fever? If all your answers are “YES”, you are at the right stop. In this article, we will disclose some of the incredible tricks to accelerate your Instagram game and get unbelievable audience engagement. So, are you ready to take the magic wand in your hands? 

With the pandemic striking our doors, the Internet world has got a major boost. Special platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and more have captured a huge user base. Moreover, with TikTok getting restrictions in different countries, Instagram has hopped on the opportunity. With the introduction of Insta reels, the platform has got a huge user rush. 

However, this has also led to a boost in competition. So, if you are a newbie, it’s pretty obvious that Instagram will push your content. However, getting to the doors of the viewers and engaging them for a fixed time, are two different things. To craft a loyal audience base, engagement is the key. So, are you struggling with low Instagram engagement? No more worries, as today, we are here with a detailed step-by-step guide to level up your Instagram game. So, make sure you don’t miss out on any points. 

What Is Instagram Engagement?

If this term is new to you. Here is what it means – 

Instagram engagement is basically how your audience interacts with your audience. It is much beyond the number of followers or other factors. Metrics to get a glimpse of audience engagement are through.

  • Likes
  • Comments
  • Saves
  • Shares
  • Direct Messages
  • Link clicks/Swip Ups
  • Mentions 
  • Stories & More 

Is Instagram Engagement Really Important?

Definitely, a big “Yes”. Engagement is the key. Higher engagement indicates that the viewers are stopping and interacting with your content. The main objective of social media platforms is to deliver quality content to the viewers. Content that is addictive and drags the audience. So, if the viewers are halting on your content and engaging with it, it is a clear indication to Instagram that your content is making business for it. Therefore, Instagram starts prioritizing your content and pushes it with its algorithm. 

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Moreover, high Instagram engagement will help you weave a community. A community of viewers who like, believe, and support your content. With a strong and loyal Instagram community, you can redirect the crowd to your business or earn lucratively from the platform. Therefore, it’s not about Instagram. The stairs to success on any social media platform is audience engagement. So, in this article, we will discuss some super promising hacks to boost Instagram engagement in 2023. 

7 Tricks That Will Level Up Your Instagram Engagement Game!! 

Try these tricks are we bet your Instagram engagement graph will reach the skies – 

  1. Create Content That Attracts The Audience’s Attention 

To be very frank, no tips and tricks can level up your social media growth, if your content makes no sense. Therefore, to get the valuable time of your viewers, quality content is the key. Weave content after thorough research. Don’t juggle around niches. Do what is your expertise. 

Moreover, good Instagram engagement is measured through saves. So, make content that you can’t resist from saving. To make your content more attractive, add good graphics. Graphics that push the viewers to hit the “Save” button instantly. To craft better content, turn on your infographics and get a glimpse of how your audience is treating your content and what is your audience base (like age, demographics and more). After getting a thorough report of all these, modify your content as per the likings of your audience. 

  1. Run Giveaways 

Who doesn’t love getting free gifts? The secret hack to elevate engagement is delivering the users what they love. So, running giveaway campaigns can help you get their attention. Confused how to pick giveaway winners? You can use a super, efficient and helpful portal – You to Gift to pick random winners. 

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Giveaways are a great way to drag the audience to your content. However, make sure these Giveaways wrap good content orelse you will develop a greedy audience base rather than a loyal one. So, to be clear Giveaways are the keys to your house, your success will be defined by how you decorate the house with quality and irresistible content. 

  1. Memes Can We Your Weapon 

In this generation of the Internet, something that goes viral within seconds and pushes them to hit the “Share” button are memes. Irrespective of what is your niche (education, entertainment, business, inspirational or whatever) good quality and relevant memes. You can create your own memes or you can share relatable memes on your page with proper credits.

Memes are something that helps your audience interact and get a good dose of laughter, this will help the audience get closer to you, your business or brand. With a pinch of creativity, you can cater an unimaginable crowd with your memes. 

  1. Create Polls For Your Followers 

To get valuable interaction from your followers it’s important to post regular stories and polls informing them about your next posts and videos. You can also use carousel posts which are good for engagement. 

The basic idea of creating these polls is to get the audience’s attention and understand what the majority likes and how it can influence your content for the best. Stories and polls are also the road to get DMs on Instagram. So, make sure to use them efficiently. 

  1. End Captions With A Call To Action 

Though it’s not mandatory for every post and you should not force it, adding calls to action at the end of captions helps in getting an incredible engagement. You can ask a question that will compel them to leave a comment on your post. However, make sure that every word of your caption seems relevant to your content or niche. 

  1. Use The Most Out Of Instagram Collaboration Option 
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Did you find a reel that is similar to your niche and it’s getting crazy audience engagement? Why don’t you use it for your gains? Create a collab Insta reel with your fellow user and the post will appear on both of your Instagram profiles. This will allow you to get more views, likes, and comments. 

  1. Schedule Your Post 

This is something every creator does. However, many are unaware of the correct way to do it. To help creators get the best results, Instagram offers detailed reports of the audience. So, you can jump into your professional dashboard to check the time when your audience is mostly active and schedule the posts accordingly to reachout to maximum crowd. 

Bonus Tip 

Use Quality Hashtags

Yes, we know every so-called social media growth guru keeps on yelling to use relevant hashtags. However, still many are doing it the wrong way. Using irrelevant or useless hashtags makes your content invisible to Instagram algorithm or the algorithm will push it to an irrelevant crowd. As per the studies, posts with 30 Instagram hashtags have got the best audience engagement, on an average. If you are struggling to get hands-on some relevant and helpful hashtags that will make conversions, you can use paid online tools for it. 


So, these were the best ways to optimize and polish your Instagram game to get more engagement and grow your community. Along With content planning and strategizing, add these tips and tricks and we bet your growth on Instagram will be 10x faster. 

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