7 tricks to get the most out of HBO Max

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It is the first month after the arrival of the streaming service HBO Max to Latin America, which meant a new opponent in the so-called “battle of the platforms”, where it competes with Netflix, Disney +, Amazon Prime Video and Paramount +, among others, to be the most considered by users. If you are already a subscriber and you still do not know the functions of the application, continue reading and learn these 7 tricks to make the most of it.

+7 tricks to get the most out of HBO Max

You can create, modify and delete. The application allows you to create between three and five profiles, according to the plan you have contracted, with the aim of each person using the account having their own experience. You can do it by following these steps:

– Go to your profile on the main screen

– Select “Change profile”

– Choose + Adult or + Child and add a name / photo

To delete or edit, you must make the first two points, but then you will choose the one you want to delete or modify and once inside you will have the options.

If the user is a child and you want the content they see to be safe, you must do the following:

– Go to your profile on the main page

– Click on “Change profile”

– Choose the profile for children and enter a security pin

– Adjust the type of content you are authorized to see, according to your age, and click “Save”

7 tricks to get the most out of HBO Max

This is one of the primary functions of users, since you will always have what you want to see in one place.

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To add series or movies to your list you must select the content and click on the “+” symbol. Then, to see everything, you only have to go to your profile and it is the first thing that will appear.

7 tricks to get the most out of HBO Max

If you were watching some specific content, but decide to leave it for later in the middle, you can continue it without problems.

Now, if you started to see something and it did not convince you, but you do not want it to appear, you can edit it as follows:

– Open your profile or click on “Continue watching”

– Select series / movie

– Delete what you don’t want to see anymore and press “Done”

7 tricks to get the most out of HBO Max

An ideal option for times when you do not have any type of connection is to simply download the episodes of the program.

You can do this by pressing the download button when entering a playback, having the possibility of doing it with a chapter or a complete season. Everything will stay in the “Downloads” tab of your profile and you should know that it will be deleted after 30 days or if you have already started to see it, you only have 48 hours.

7 tricks to get the most out of HBO Max

If you used your account elsewhere and do not remember logging out, you can do it through the application very easily:

– Enter the profile

– Choose the option “Manage devices”

– Choose the device you want to delete and press “Close session”

7 tricks to get the most out of HBO Max

To stay up-to-date on the platform, HBO Max offers you four specific tabs:

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– Just added

– Last days

– Coming soon

If you want to know these details before anyone else, you can enter your profile and in the settings part you must activate the notifications to have all the news.

7 tricks to get the most out of HBO Max


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