70-year-old granny graduates from elementary school amid pandemic: “it is never too late to learn”

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Facebook viral | It is never too late to study and a woman in Mexico it was always clear to him. Maria Luisa Paredes Durán is 70 years old and recently graduated from elementary school and the achievement stands out all the more for having been during the coronavirus pandemic that has kept students away from classrooms.

Doña María, from the municipality of Muna in Yucatán, says that since a year and a half ago managed to culminate Primary school satisfactorily at 70 years of age, but in the face of restrictions due to the pandemic, it is until now that he was able to receive his certificate of studies from the hands of Governor Mauricio Vila Dosal.

Doña Maria Luisa said that she always had the thought that “It is never too late to learn” and that his motivation to learn to read and to improve himself was by the desire to want to read the bible without the help of other people. And it is that he spent three years working hard to fulfill his dream.

Now that she has successfully completed her elementary school, the septuagenarian says she not only learned to read but also to write and do mathematical operations, As reported .

“I never believed that I could have studies, because since I was a child my mother and grandmother they taught me to do houseworkSo I was encouraged to go to school motivated because I could read the bible by myself “said María Luisa to the aforementioned media.

Maria Luisa is dedicated to the sale of traditional desserts from the Yucatan region. It was precisely through his small business that one of her clients spoke to her about a senior education program and decided to take classes to finish her grade school.

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