“7,000 Armed Forces Join Carlos III and Queen Camilla for Coronation Celebrations”

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London has witnessed a historic event this May 6th, with the coronation of Carlos III as the new monarch. All eyes were on the city of the Thames as international leaders, authorities, and heads of state gathered to witness the ceremony. The coronation procession was surrounded by around 7,000 troops from the Armed Forces, making it the largest military ceremonial operation in seven decades.

Planning for the event took months, and involved a massive deployment of security forces to ensure everything went smoothly. Representatives from all three armies, including the King’s Guard, the Windsor Castle Guard, and the Tower of London Guard, were present throughout the processions. Soldiers from the Sovereign’s Escort of the Royal Household Cavalry Regiment, one of the oldest regiments in the British Army, also flanked the route.

The King’s Guard, traditionally responsible for guarding royal residences, joined in the ceremony with its mounted band, a musical ensemble that plays instruments while mounted on horseback. Other participants included the Royal Watermen, who escort the Royal Family or international heads of state arriving in London by river, and the Yeomen, the oldest military body in Great Britain created in 1485 by Henry VII.

Princess Ana played a key role in the coronation procession, acting as the Gold-Stick in-Waiting. This position dates back to the 15th century and was created to protect the monarch from danger. As the Kings made their way in reverse from Westminster to Buckingham Palace, approximately 4,000 troops represented the diversity and traditions of the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth Armed Forces, with 39 nations represented with 416 people.

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From the balcony of Buckingham Palace, the air exhibition from the Armed Forces drew the flag of the United Kingdom. The ceremony was also attended by the Coldstream Guard, the Household Cavalry, and the Grenadier Guards. The ceremony was a spectacular and historic medieval event full of symbolism and provided some unforgettable images for history.

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