75% of Peruvians disapprove of the management of Congress and 55% reject the request for vacancy against Castillo, according to a survey

75% of the citizens of Peru disapprove of the management of Congress and 55% reject the request for vacancy against President Pedro Castillo, according to a poll published on Sunday by the Institute of Peruvian Studies (IEP).

While political tensions between the ruling party and the opposition intensify, and in a complicated scenario for the governance of the left-wing president, the IEP consulted the public – through calls via cell phone – on various points related to the approval or disapproval of the the Legislative and Executive powers.

In the case of President Castillo, 65% of the population disapprove (17 percentage points above the October measurement), while 25% approve it (it falls 10% compared to the previous month).

Likewise, 47% of those surveyed believe that the government will get worse in the coming months, while 31% maintain the hope that it will improve. Despite this, 62% believe that President Castillo will not end his government.

While, Parliament’s management has a 71 disapproval % and only 21% of Peruvians approve it. In this case, the study also consulted on the performance of each bench, and the result was very negative for all of them, since none reached 55% acceptance.

Strikingly, two of the parties with the greatest disapproval were those that competed in the presidential ballot last June, Fuerza Popular (71%), led by former candidate Keiko Fujimori, and the ruling Peru Libre (66%).


Another of the key points of the survey has to do with the request for a presidential vacancy promoted by the right-wing Avanza País party, and which has the support of two other conservative spaces, Renovación Popular and Fuerza Popular.

In this case, the motion that could remove the head of state has a 55% rejection, 43% accompany him and only 2% do not know or did not answer the question.

This action, initiated by the legislator Patricia Chirinos, will be debated on December 7 in the Congress made up of 130 parliamentarians. For the vacancy request to advance, the vote in favor of 52 congressmen is required to admit it to debate in the plenary session, and then 87 votes to approve it and for the removal of the president to take effect, something suffered by his predecessor Martín Vizcarra (2018- 2020), despite having been stripped of the position with more than 60% popularity.

“It is difficult to know what the president will do to stay in power and close this cycle of permanent crisis and democratic weakening, “said the head of Opinion Studies at the IEP, Patricia Zárate.

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