8 Reality TV Shows to Watch on Netflix This 2023

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8 Reality TV Shows to Watch on Netflix This 2023

We all love a good reality TV show, whether it’s an intense cooking show or a thrilling survival challenge. While watching reality shows were once limited in front of live TV, we now have the freedom to watch them anytime and anywhere we like. Of course, that’s thanks to the streaming services we already have. 

If you’re a sucker for reality TV shows like us, we’ve got an exciting list for you to try. In this blog post, we’re here to share our top 8handpicked reality TV shows you can watch on Netflix this year. But before we start discussing the list, we have a friendly reminder for you. Make sure you have a fast and reliable internet like Dish Network Internet because these shows can be addicting. Don’t say we didn’t warn you! Let’s start.

The Mole

The Mole is a reality TV show about twelve competitors who have to work through several challenges to earn money. The catch? One of them is the mole, a.k.a the secret saboteur who’s on a mission to deliberately sabotage the participants in accomplishing each challenge. This show is relatively new, with only 10 episodes, so you can easily finish the entire show in one sitting.

American Ninja Warrior

We’re pretty sure you’ve watched an episode or two of this incredible TV show. With 15 seasons in place, it’s not surprising that many people all over the world have been hooked by this show. American Ninja Warrior is about various talented athletes who have come together to complete some of the most difficult obstacles there are using their strength, flexibility, and endurance. 

This show is primarily hosted by NBC, but two seasons have recently been added to Netflix. So, we can anticipate other seasons to be available soon. 

Instant Dream Home

Are you a frustrated home designer? Or do you simply enjoy watching home makeovers? Instant Dream Home is about a team of experts, including a landscaper, interior and exterior designers, and a project specialist. The amazing thing about this show is each renovation is only done within the day, so it’s a big surprise for all homeowners.

Physical 100

If you don’t mind watching a foreign TV show, then you should give Physical 100 a try. It’s about 100 participants with the best physical shape competing against each other to be the last one standing and earn a cash prize. Some people may find some aspects of this show unfair because the weight classes are different, and both males and females are competing with each other. However, for us, it just adds more challenge and excitement, especially if you’re rooting for those who look like underdogs.

Sing On!

Sing On! is surely a must-watch for all musical reality TV show fans. Unlike The Voice or American Idol, Sing On! is a fast-paced show where six contestants must hit the right notes to add money to the jackpot. Then, the participants will vote after each round to eliminate their biggest competition. 

As the game progresses, the votation will be closed, and the most accurate singers will automatically go to the next round, while the least accurate will be out of the game. The challenge is assigned randomly, which makes the show more exciting. It currently has one season with eight episodes and is hosted by Tituss Burgess.

Too Hot to Handle

If you’re into reality dating game shows, it’s impossible for you to miss Too Hot to Handle. This British TV show is about ten adults who try to find their best match by flirting with other participants. However, there’s a catch, and it’s probably the hardest one at that: no one is allowed to engage in any physical intimacy, including kissing, self-gratification, and any form of sexual contact. If someone breaks a rule, an amount will be deducted from their cash prize.

Nailed It

If you’re up for another cooking reality show, Nailed It is a light and funny show that will keep you entertained. It’s about three amateur bakers who compete against each other in re-creating pastries and other sweet edibles. The one who can get the closest to the original will win the grand prize of $10,000.

Single’s Inferno

Single’s Inferno is another dating show based in South Korea. It’s a good show if you want to get an idea of how other cultures flirt and date. So, in this show, there are nine single individuals stuck on a deserted island where they need to mingle and flirt with each other while surviving. 

All they have to do is flirt, date, and win challenges. But the catch is they can’t use any electronic devices or ask anyone about their age or occupation.

The Bottom Line

There’s definitely something about reality TV shows that keep us entertained, no matter what it is. It could be drama, cooking, survival — name it, and we’ll still probably watch it. So, this time, we recommend you watch these eight TV shows if you haven’t watched them yet. They’re a real treat for reality TV enthusiasts like us. Happy watching!

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