8 Things to Do After Moving

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These tips will help you ease the process of settling in a new place and will make you feel at home there from the first days.

#1. Take out Everything Important

Make sure that the unloading of the truck begins with those boxes whose contents may be needed first. Typically, these are cleaning products, some kitchen utensils, handwashing, and bathing supplies.

#2. Do a General Cleaning

Of course, you might want to carry out the remodeling, especially if it is offered by a real estate company that has helped you with the process of finding your dwelling, like this company https://hawaiitrustedrealty.com/builder/remodeling

If you are not yet ready, it is better to start with cleaning up in a new place before the boxes with things arrive there. But if suddenly there was no such possibility, it’s better to clean up well at the very beginning, before arranging the furniture, and after that — to restore the final order. Cleanliness is the main guarantee of comfort!

#3. Arrange Furniture and Decor

To begin with, arrange the furniture in the rooms, and then, equip the bedroom — it is best to do this immediately after the move because sooner or later you will want to relax. And immediately put flower pots, photos (if they are not in the lowest box) — this will immediately create comfort, despite the mess.

#4. Get Rid of the Boxes

Try to unpack all the necessary things as quickly as possible and put the remaining boxes in closets or a pantry. The fact is that unpacked things create emotional discomfort, a sense of the temporality of what is happening. So, you can hardly feel at home. When you have unpacked something, discard the box. Don’t start unpacking another box until everything is placed in its place.

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#5. Organize a Temporary Storage System

Actively use temporary things in the new apartment, for example, racks for clothes. Rails are great for organizing space. Such a hanger will be needed in the corridor and, possibly, in the bedroom. It is good to store the necessary things on them during the move and in the first days after.

#6. Assess the Condition of the Apartment

A responsible task is to check the operability of communications in a new place. Anything is possible in an uninhabited space: a broken faucet, a lack of light bulbs, a creaking door. It is better to immediately go around your possessions and critically evaluate life to solve problems yourself quickly or thanks to a specialist.

#7. Prioritize Tasks

The day after you move in, don’t frantically think about how much you need to get done. Instead, focus on creating a list of the most important things. Write down everything that will ensure a comfortable life in a new apartment, for instance, connecting a washing machine, dishwasher, stove, and appliances in the kitchen.

#8. Buy Groceries

And take a walk. Exactly! It is crucial to do a couple of simple, familiar things and take your mind off cleaning and unpacking. A short break allows you to quickly get used to a new place — both mentally and physically.

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