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80-Year-Old Danny Trejo Gets Into 4th of July Fight

Actor Danny Trejo, renowned for his roles in films like Machete, faced an unsettling incident during the Fourth of July parade in the Sunland-Tujunga neighborhood of Los Angeles. Trejo, who turned 80 this May, was driving his classic convertible and engaging with fans when a stray water balloon struck his vehicle.

Numerous attendees with their cellphones caught the unfolding incident on video. Footage shows Trejo exiting his car, likely looking for the source of the water balloon. Spectators nearby shouted “No Water!” towards a group off-camera, as Trejo confronted individuals on the sidewalk.

Being known for his tough-guy roles, Trejo was not willing to let such an offense slide. He approached a group, and though it’s unclear if they were responsible, the confrontation escalated. The actor seemed to throw a punch and was knocked to the ground. As others rushed to assist, Trejo was seen hurling a lawn chair, which may have hit someone. Fortunately, the skirmish ended swiftly with no significant injuries reported.

Water balloons are a common sight during the neighborhood’s Independence Day celebrations. However, Trejo emphasized that classic cars should be respected and safeguarded from such antics. The altercation highlighted Trejo’s real-life toughness, a trait he often channels into his on-screen personas. Despite being 80, Trejo reportedly packed a powerful punch, reflecting his rugged history.

Danny Trejo’s life story is one of resilience and transformation. Born in Los Angeles in 1944, Trejo’s childhood was turbulent, marked by abuse and separation from his parents. After his father was imprisoned, Trejo lived with his grandmother. He delved into drug use and sales during his youth and frequently clashed with the law.

Trouble followed Trejo into his teenage years. He spent time in juvenile detention, was involved in violent crimes, and served time in notorious California prisons like San Quentin. His criminal lifestyle saw him acting as a drug dealer and debt collector, witnessing or participating in severe offenses, including murder.

The turning point came in 1985 when Trejo made an appearance as an extra in the film Runaway Train. His boxing skills earned him additional pay as a trainer for one of the film’s stars, Eric Roberts. This opportunity opened the door to an acting career that transformed his life.

Source: Giant Freakin Robot