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9-Year-Old’s Tina Turner Cover Earns Heidi Klum’s Golden Buzzer

Only the best performers earn a Golden Buzzer on AGT — and Pranysqa Mishra is one of those people. At only 9 years old, this young girl already has such a deep passion for music. Some of her biggest inspirations are singers who first made their mark decades ago. This includes icons like Aretha Franklin and Whitney Houston. In fact, Pranysqa came to the AGT stage to sing “River Deep — Mountain High” by Tina Turner.

In other words, Pranysqa didn’t hold back when it came time to choose a song that would showcase her wide range. And although she was nervous, she was also quick to share how excited she is to be singing in front of such a large crowd, something she’s always dreamed of doing. Best of all, the reality of this moment somehow turns out even better than she ever could have dreamed! See for yourself in the video below.

From the moment that Pranysqa opens her mouth, it’s clear that the control she has over her voice is incredibly impressive. Plus, she’s able to nail all of the notes, both ones that are low and high! In the end, it’s no wonder that Heidi Klum didn’t even give the other judges a chance to speak before she gave this little superstar the Golden Buzzer.

While Pranysqa’s family continues to celebrate this massive moment, folks from all around the world are joining in by sharing kind, encouraging words.

“How is she 9 with that much control!” one fan writes. “The maturity and seasoning on her voice already! Her runs, her mixed belting into runs, her switching from head voice to belting was pretty amazing! She is a star! Being a powerhouse at 9, imagine at 20, my lord!”

“For 9 years old! That girl blew the roof off the place!” another person shares. “That was so incredible! You made Tina proud girl!”

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Source: Particle News