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'90 Day Fiance': Angela Deem Disgusted by Michael's Latest Move

’90 Day Fiance’: Angela Deem Disgusted by Michael’s Latest Move

90 Day Fiance star Angela Deem has recently expressed her frustration with Michael Ilesanmi through her social media. The relationship between Angela and Michael has taken a turn for the worse behind the scenes. In February, Michael reportedly fled from Angela after an incident where she allegedly tased him in the face. Since then, Michael has kept a low profile regarding his exact location, though he’s been sharing moments from his life in the U.S. on social media. This has given rise to adulation from fans who are happy to see him enjoy his life, even if Angela is displeased, especially about his 4th of July celebrations.

Michael maintained silence on his social media for a while following his departure from Angela. After re-emerging online, he made it known he was doing well. Initially, it was understood that he had settled in Indiana. However, reports surfaced that he was spotted by a fan at a Kroger in Alvin, Texas, suggesting he might have relocated once again. Michael hasn’t shared any details about his newest location, but fans are relieved to see him apparently thriving after a tumultuous period with Angela.

Angela Deem & Michael Ilesanmi From 90 Day Fiance
Angela Deem & Michael Ilesanmi From 90 Day Fiance, TLC, Sourced From 90 Day Fiancé YouTube

Recently, Angela took to TikTok to air her grievances following Michael’s 4th of July festivities. In a video, she exclaimed, “Hi queens and kings, I just wanna ask a question. How can a Nigerian, and a bunch of ’em, celebrate my country’s July the 4th on my visa?” This comment suggested her frustration with Michael and his friends’ celebratory activities.

Angela Deem From 90 Day Fiance
Angela Deem From 90 Day Fiance, TLC, Sourced From @deemangela Instagram

Angela’s TikTok video appeared to be filmed at an airport, though her destination remains unknown. Many believe her strong words were a direct reaction to Michael’s posts of enjoying barbeques and the company of several people during the 4th of July. She seemed highly perturbed by this display of joy from Michael, despite their ongoing issues.

As of now, Michael has not responded to Angela’s comments on his social media activities. It appears he’s taking steps to evade her and avoid further conflict. Angela, however, has publicly vowed that she will have the final say in the matter. She frequently mentions possibly contacting Homeland Security about Michael’s actions. She has threatened to file claims of marriage fraud against Michael because his departure puts her in a precarious situation regarding their marital obligations in the U.S.

Angela Deem From 90 Day Fiance
Angela Deem From 90 Day Fiance, TLC, Sourced From 90 Day Fiancé YouTube

Currently, Angela Deem and Michael Ilesanmi are participating in the latest season of Happily Ever After? Angela has previously notified TLC of her intention not to continue filming with Michael for any future spinoffs, including The Single Life, citing their ongoing legal marriage as a primary reason.

Source: TV Shows Ace