A 19-year-old ‘tiktoker’ dies in a traffic accident during a police chase in the United States.

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The ‘tiktoker’ Gabriel Salazar, 19, died in a tragic traffic accident in which he crashed into a tree and the car in which he was traveling caught fire after a police chase near the La Pryor locality, in Texas (USA).

According to the authorities, the ‘influencer’ was driving the speeding vehicle. When he pulled off the road, he braked and tried to regain control, to no avail.

The Zavala County Sheriff’s Office reported that the Police tried to stop last Sunday a white Chevrolet Camaro – a car that days before the young man had shared on his social networks – using a device to deflate tires, however, the car did not stop and an active pursuit began.

The vehicle eventually collided with some trees, rolled several times and burst into flames. Salazar, and the other passengers they were pronounced dead at the scene, the authorities said in a statement aforementioned by E!News.

Friends of the ‘tiktoker’ have created a Bell on GoFundMe that has already raised more than $ 38,000, to help the family pay for funeral expenses.

For its part, the Texas Department of Public Safety said they are continuing to investigate the accident.

Salazar, known as ‘GabeNotBabe’ on social media, gained notoriety as of 2019 and currently had more than 750,000 followers on Instagram and around 2.3 million on TikTok, where he shared videos of himself lip-syncing and dancing.

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