A 7-year-old boy dies from several serious injuries sustained after being thrown 27 times to the ground in a judo class

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In the Taiwanese city of Taichung, a 7-year-old boy died on Tuesday after spending more than two months in a coma after being repeatedly thrown to the ground during a judo class. informs the local press.

Doctors said the injuries to the boy, surnamed Huang, resembled those suffered in a car accident and included a intracranial hemorrhage serious, for which a craniotomy was performed. After the operation, the child was left in a brain dead state and the doctors warned that, if he survived, he would probably remain in a vegetative state. In recent days, his vital signs decreased, so his parents agreed to withdraw his life support.

On April 21, the coach of the judo school the victim attended ordered to a 10-year-old student who will complete 20 shoulder throws with Huang. After several of these maneuvers, the child complained of pain in the feet and head, vomited and between tears she begged the instructor, surnamed Ho, not to throw it away anymore, but he ignored it. The man then personally threw the child seven more times.

Finally Huang fainted and stopped responding, so the coach called an ambulance. In early June Ho was charged with causing bodily harm, but now the charges will be changed and he could be sentenced to a prison term of between seven years and life imprisonment. In addition, he could face additional penalties for violating a child protection law and has been bail of 100,000 Taiwanese dollars (about 3,500 US dollars) for his release.

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