A billionaire announces his intentions to build his own city of Rapture in a desert: we present you Telosa

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Reality is beginning to overtake fiction … or at least it plans to do so in the next few years. The billionaire and former Walmart executive, Marc Lore, has shared his vision on social networks: the construction of a city in a desert in the United States called Telosa, which equates to Rapture (Bioshock) and which will cost around 400,000 million dollars. Its main designer is Bjarke Ingels.

CNN has reported that the city of Telosa is being designed to be a sustainable metropolis situated in a desert somewhere in the United States. At this time, those responsible for the project are considering locating the city in the deserts of Nevada, Utah, Idaho, Arizona or Texas.

The structure of the city is designed so that residents can get to work, school or any other priority location in 15 minutes or less. The goal is for Telosa to be green, with sustainable energy and water. And to finish off the job, in the center of the city the Torre Equitismo (The Equitism Tower), a skyscraper designed to be “a beacon for the city“It sounds like a video game city, but we assure you that Marc Lore is very serious.

The idea is “create a new city in America that sets a global standard for urban living, expands human potential, and becomes a model for future generations“.

The city will eventually grow until it can house 5 million inhabitants. However, these figures are a goal designed to be met in the next 40 years. The first phase of the city will be ready in 10 or 20 years and will have capacity for 1 million people.

The city (or at least its concept) is inspired by the city of Rapture from the video game BioShock. It is an underwater metropolis built by Andrew Ryan, who wanted to get away from the morals, the type of society and the policies that constrained the human being. It was intended as a utopia. Unlike Rapture, Telosa pursues more real goals, how to become a completely sustainable city.

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In terms of laws and economics, Telosa is the product of a great debate based on equitism, a social and economic model that differs from capitalism in its final idea of ​​making property communal and not private. Telosa’s promoters say: “ECapitalism has been an incredible economic model, but there are significant flaws, especially around income and wealth inequality. Many of these failures are the result of the land ownership model on which the United States was built.“.

We have no more information about Telosa or the future of the Bioshosk saga, which currently features a video game trilogy and several books that expand on the story created by the now defunct Irrational Games. All we know is that there’s a BioShock 4 on the way and that it will use Unreal Engine 5, according to work lists.

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