A bishop resigned before the Pope after falling in love with a divorced psychologist and author of erotic novels

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Xavier Novell, who served as bishop in the diocese of Solsona (Lleida), became widely known in Spain. According to local media, this ecclesiastic defended homosexual conversion therapies, considered abortion or euthanasia as “genocides”, opposed equal marriage and had even shown his support for the Catalan independence movement. However, a new scandal arises around his figure, since he presented the resignation before him Pope Francisco after falling in love with one divorced psychologist, which is also author of erotic novels.

Strictly personal reasons”With this argument, the now ex-bishop would have expressed before the Holy See his decision to dispense him with the promise of celibacy and obedience. The news was known on August 23, when the diocese of Solsona was in charge of informing that now Novell would hold the position of bishop emeritus.

However, at that time little was known about the true reasons that led the ecclesiastic to leave his place. Now, despite the silence of the local church, it transpired that the bishop abandoned everything for love. According to local media, Novell would be in a relationship with Silvia Caballol, is a divorced psychologist, originally from Barcelona, ​​who describes herself as an “inveterate reader of romantic and erotic novels”.

Many are the rumors that surround the couple, since the prelate had disappeared before the parishioners days before the news of his resignation was known. In any case, among those “open secrets” they highlight that the ecclesiastic would have moved in with your partner a Manresa, on the outskirts of Barcelona.

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Meanwhile, under pressure from the press to learn more about the “romance”, the Bishopric of Solsona chose to issue, this Monday, September 6, a brief statement where they emphasize that “the decision made by said bishop emeritus obeys ‘strictly personal reasons’ and, therefore, the corroboration or not of this information belongs to his strict personal sphere ”.

Who is Xavier Novell

Invested as the youngest bishop of SpainIn 2010, Novell (52 years old) was rated as one of the most promising figures in the Church in that country. However, his position was little related to that promoted by Pope Francis, since the ecclesiastic obtained part of his popularity for defending homosexual conversion therapies, for affirming that abortion or euthanasia were “genocides”, for opposing the equal marriage and support the Catalan independence cause.

Against this background, the first assumption of the Spanish press was that its decision to step aside was due to “ideological differences” with the Holy Father. Now, with love as the cause, it transpired that Novell will become Bishop Emeritus of Solsona, since he would have requested that the promise of celibacy and obedience be dispensed with.

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