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“A bitcoin fraud cost me $ 690,000”: the entrepreneur who lost all his savings when he fell for an “investment scam”

Naveed Saghir is a 44-year-old college graduate with a Master’s in Computer Science who successfully runs his own home theater installation business in the North West of England.

After a lifetime of hard work, regular savings and wise investments, earlier this year he had saved nearly $ 690,000 in Bitcoin.

However, he was misled by online scammers who They stole all his money.

“I have destroyed my life, I changed it for the worse and I need to warn people: if it can happen to me, it can happen to anyone,” says Naveed, who now has a mission.

Struggling to overcome the mental and emotional damage of seeing her plans disappear with a ruined financial future, she wants to share her story to try to prevent other people from becoming victims.

“I’ve run my business for the last 20 years and I’ve always been very careful with money,” he explains.

“Whether it’s related to my business or my life, I’ve made every penny count. But I made a bad decision and I they caught“.

Naveed was the victim of a type of fraud known as an “investment scam.”

It occurs when victims are tricked into giving money to people who offer bogus, but often very convincing investments, with the promise of big profits.

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