A ‘black box’ will record humanity’s mistakes on climate change for future generations to know what happened

A large asymmetrical and indestructible box is being built in order to record every step taken by humanity in relation to to climate change and other dangers that could lead to an eventual “collapse of our civilization “.

The project, called ‘Earth’s Black Box’, will continuously collect “hundreds of data, measurements and interactions related to the health of our planet” that “will be stored safely for future generations”, Explain the project website.

The monolithic steel structure 10 x 4 x 3 meters will contain hard drives powered by solar panels with the aim of “providing an unbiased account of the events that led to the disappearance of the planet.”

“The idea is that if the Earth collapses as a result of climate change, this indestructible recording device will be there for whoever is left to learn from it,” declared Jim Curtis, creative director of Australian marketing agency Clemenger BBDO, told ABC.

When it receives sunlight, the black box will download the scientific data and an algorithm will collect the material related to climate change from the Internet. The developers estimate that the device will have ability to store data for the next 30-50 years.

The ‘black box’ is being built on the west coast of the Australian island of Tasmania and expected to be completed in early 2022. However, hard drives have already started recording, recording the COP26 conference in Glasgow, which was held in November this year.

Curtis explains that it is a way of putting pressure on political leaders “to be held accountable and for the record of their action or inaction.”

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