A Brazilian training ship suffered an unusual accident in Ecuador: it collided with a mobile bridge and almost sinks

The training ship of the Brazilian Navy White Swan hit a mobile bridge on the Guayas River on Monday, in Ecuador, and was about to capsize. The images of the incident went viral on social networks, in an unprecedented mishap that left witnesses who were observing the situation from the coast astonished.

In the abundant videos that circulate on social networks, it is observed that an Ecuadorian tugboat passes under the bridge and immediately the impact of the Brazilian boat occurs, which was left with obvious damage to the mast and the ratchet. The backup tug was dragged by the ship and sank in the waters of the Guayas River, the Ecuadorian Navy reported.

How was the incident of the Brazilian training ship

The accident occurred on the pedestrian bridge that connects the city of Guayaquil with Santay Island, when the sailboat left the port accompanied by a tugboat and was pushed by the current until it hit that structure.

“We have activated the corresponding emergency protocols and we are providing the necessary assistance to the units involved,” the Ecuadorian Navy reported in a note posted on their social networks to confirm the fact.

And he added: “The national maritime authority is actively working to protect human life.”

The statement specified that all “the procedures established in the event of a maritime accident that occurred today in the Guayas River during the undocking maneuver of the Brazilian Sailing Ship Cisne Blanco were activated.”

Meanwhile, the tugboat Altar, who assisted the Brazilian sailing ship in the face of the emergency, “sank in the Guayas River while providing assistance to the sailingor, ” according to the official statement. Immediately, the note said, containment barriers were activated to prevent possible contamination of the river.

The moment the support vessel sinks

The Ecuadorian Navy also announced that it has coordinated with divers from the Marine Corps to refloat the wrecked tugboat.

What were the causes of the Brazilian training ship accident

Meanwhile, it was reported that the episode did not cause victims or injuries. The authorities will open an administrative summary for the investigation of the maritime accident. The Brazilian training ship was transferred to the Yacht Club dock for the pertinent technical review.

The unusual episode occurred around 1:30 p.m. local time. According to preliminary information released in local media, the Brazilian ship had some kind of technical breakdown and therefore lost its momentum and was carried away by the current.

The images do not show that the bridge was damaged.

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