A British cyclist denounces that criminals robbed his house and robbed it at the point of a knife

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British cyclist Mark Cavendish denounced on his Twitter account that on November 27, a few days after he returned from a hospital, intruders broke into his home and stole various luxury items.

Cavendish reported that four armed men entered his home in Essex (United Kingdom) in the early morning hours of that day, while his family was sleeping. “At the point of a razor, they proceeded to loot our belongings,” he wrote.

The athlete said that, among other things, they stole “two watches of great sentimental value.” “But much, much worse was that they took away the feeling of security, protection, privacy and dignity to which my young family and everyone is entitled in their own home,” he stressed.

The rider asked whoever has any information about the incident to call the police and tell what they know.

For their part, the Essex Police confirmed in a release who is investigating the events. According to the agency, a valuable Louis Vuitton suitcase was also stolen.

Tony Atkin, the lead investigator on the case, called the incident “a targeted incident.” “The police presence will continue to be visible in the area, as our investigations progress in the coming days,” said the officer.

The Police published an image captured by security cameras, where you can see the men when they enter the house, as well as photos of the stolen objects.

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