A British imam explains what awaits homosexuals with the Taliban: “They must be executed”

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The imam who speaks in the video with a velvety voice delivered this terrifying speech in 2016 at a mosque in Orlando, in the United States, days before the massacre of the gay nightclub in which 50 people were killed. It’s about the sheikh Farrokh Sekaleshfar, a scholar of Islam born in the United Kingdom and who in 2016 had his residence fixed in Iran. Although this video was recorded 5 years ago, the extremist discourse remains the same. And it is these premises that the Afghan Taliban accept: “When people don’t let the law of Islam rule, then we have to execute them.” The imam, after the attack on the Orlando club, said that his remarks were nothing more than “an academic discussion on the application of Islamic law.”

But the magnet goes further, in the video, framing the death sentence in a way to achieve divine “forgiveness.” For Sekaleshfar, executing a person who does not comply with Sharia, the set of Islamic laws that Islamic extremists abide by, is a form of “compassion.” The video ends by saying that “It’s the same with homosexuals, you have to get rid of them.”

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