A British school advises parents not to let their children see ‘The Squid Game’

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A college in the city of Yarm (England) has warned to the parents of their students through their social networks that take into account the age rating from the popular South Korean Netflix series ‘The Squid Game’ when allowing your children to watch it.

“The series has a 15-year classification [en realidad es para mayores de 18] and shows scenes of sex, nudity, extreme violence, self-harm, suicide, and foul language. […]. And [los niños] they are not of the age to comply with the classification, so they should not see that series “, reads the statement released by the Conyers school with the steps to follow to verify the parental settings on the children’s accounts.

It is not the first warning about the negative impact of ‘The Squid Game’, as a Belgian school issued a warning last week, after discovering that several children were recreating the game ‘Red light, green light ‘, in which participants with little money compete in deadly contests for a juicy reward.

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