A bus accident leaves 10 people dead and dozens injured in Croatia

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A bus veered off a motorway and crashed in Croatia early Sunday morning after the driver apparently fell asleep, leaving 10 people dead and 15 seriously injured.

The vehicle, which was traveling from Frankfurt (Germany) to Pristina (Kosovo), had on board 67 passengers, including children and two drivers. However, around 6:20 a.m. it went off the road and rolled over.

The injured were taken to a hospital in Slavonski Brod for medical treatment. According to statements by the head of the establishment, Josip Samardzic, at least 45 people were served.

The driver who was behind the wheel when the accident occurred was taken into custody. Local Deputy Prosecutor Slavko Pranjic noted that the defendant “said he fell asleep for a moment” and lost control of the vehicle, according to the Index news site in Croatia.

For its part, the Deputy Municipal State Prosecutor’s Office ad that other evidentiary actions were being carried out to initiate criminal proceedings against the person responsible. Currently, the bus driver is suspected of having committed a crime against road safety with serious consequences.

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