A character from The Simpsons turned 100 and he’s not Mr. Burns

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32 seasons Y 706 episodes They constitute countless stories to tell from the longest running animated series in history: The Simpsons. For so long and so many chapters, the famous program left details that form unmissable anecdotes for fans. Like the birthday of one of one of your characters: Juan Topo turned 100 this Monday. This is how they celebrated it on social networks!

The viral image correspond to the driver’s license of Hans Moleman (known in Spain as Hans Topo and in Latin America as Juan Topo) in the episode A Fish Called Selma (Selma’s dream of love) from season 7. There is a close-up of the document and you can see the character’s date of birth: August 2, 1921. That is, this Monday he fulfilled his centenary.

Juan Topo in The Simpsons

Age is precisely one of Hans’s characteristics because he claims to be much less than he appears. Even during the episode “The promise” from season 4, recognize in a gathering of alcoholics anonymous who drinking ruined his life and he’s only 31 years old. Another aspect that differentiates it is its height: it barely measures 1.30 meters.

Homer Simpson also has a birthday

Besides Juan Topo, Homer also has a known date of birth. However, there are two possible dates around the protagonist of the series. One is the one that appears in chapter 16 of the fourth season when he loses his driver’s license and can clearly see his date of birth is the May 12, 1956. However, in another episode the same record appears, but with a different date: April 24, 1956. Be either of the two options, Homer is 65 years old today.

How old is Mr. Burns?

Charles Montgomery Burns He is presented as the richest and oldest character on The Simpsons, but he does not have a specific date of birth. It can only be calculated by season 2 episode called “Simpson and Delilah” where it is explicitly stated that Mr. Burns is 81 years old. That chapter is from 1990, so in 2021 it would be no less than 112 years old.

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