A Chinese ‘influencer’ commits suicide in a live broadcast by ingesting a pesticide

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Chinese blogger Luo Xiao Mao Zi, 25, recently died after ingesting a pesticide during a live broadcast on the social network Douyin, the Chinese analog of TikTok, informs SupChina.

On the afternoon of October 14, the ‘influencer’ posted a video revealing to her 760,000 followers that she was battling a severe depression and that she had reached her lowest point. Also, the young woman said that it would probably be her last publication.

Soon after, during a live broadcast, the blogger drank what she described as a pesticide. After ingesting the liquid, Luo Xiao Maomao clutched his throat and began to gag heavily. The young woman turned off her webcam and called an ambulance. The next day, she was pronounced dead by doctors.

During the broadcast, which was watched by 1,200 people, users debated whether the ‘influencer’ was actually trying to commit suicide or if it was a performance. Comments ranged from “OMG” to “Good for you.” Many of the posts have since been removed from the page.

User Douyin Doudou Rongyi, a friend of the deceased, indicated that Luo Xiao Mao was trying to attract the attention of her ex-boyfriend Zhao Ruolin, pick up 8days with reference to Global Times.

Subsequently, several netizens wondered if the death of the ‘influencer’ could have been avoided if Douyin had intervened after Luo’s publication that afternoon. A Weibo user wrote that the transmission was the blogger’s last cry for help and she described as “pure monsters” the people who incited her to take her own life.

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