A Christmas without gin or champagne: the Government recognizes the shortage of some products

Countdown to the Christmas campaign and with it the celebration of thousands of parties and social events. In this context, the supply and supply crisis has raised the bar in recent weeks due to the lack of certain brands of alcoholic drinks. The Government now recognizes that “there may be a temporary lack of some type of specific product”, as the distributors had warned, as a result of “bottlenecks in logistics.”

In a parliamentary response to deputies from Vox, who were interested in the news that has been published about supply problems of certain brands of gin, vodka or champagne, a situation reported by managers of Spanish distributors. In the letter, the Government explains that it is producing “a temporary bottleneck in world trade due to the pull of global aggregate demand”, which has had “a specific impact on the production of certain raw materials.”

Many distributors have not received supplies of alcoholic beverages for months, evidencing one of the many ravages of the exit of United Kingdom from European Union. And it is that, two weeks after the general opening of nightlife venues, the most demanded brands of whiskey, gin or vozka, such as Seagrams o Beefeater They have slowed down their arrival in Spain as a result of the shortage of supplies that the British country is going through and that, in the words of the Prime Minister, Boris Jonhson, It can be extended until Christmas. This problem also extends to nearby countries, affecting other brands such as Absolutely, which is also experiencing delays in arrival in Spain.

To cope with this shortage, many bars, restaurants and nightclubs have had to resort to other similar brands of similar quality so as not to harm customers and other regions some establishments have had to go to large retail chains. supermarkets that they still had stock, with the extra cost that this supposes for the hospitality industry.

The employer claims aid

In this context, since Spirits Spain, the collective’s employer, the Government has been asked for a greater involvement in this crisis to avoid a bigger problem. In this way, from Espirituosos Spain they trust that this situation is temporary and appreciate the efforts that are being made in terms of supply and costs of energy, but consider that it would be necessary for the Government to also include the shortage of raw materials, the transportation crisis and streamlining of customs processes on the same horizon.

The increased cost and limitation of energy sources, complicated by geopolitical issues and the post-Brexit, which is being difficult to digest especially in the sector of the transport and customs controls, have seriously stressed international trade. Despite some specific problems that have occurred in supplying bars, restaurants and nightlife venues, the sector points out that these have been specific and are currently “under control”.

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