A classic Batman villain would appear in Batgirl

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DC Comics

An image on one of Batgirl’s production designs would confirm this classic character from the Batman mythology. Details!

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Batgirl is the long-awaited movie DC Extended Universe which will tell the story of Barbara Gordon as a defender and vigilante of Gotham, a city full of crime and corruption. In this case, the heroine will be accompanied by the version of Batman starring Michael Keaton and Commissioner James Gordon, directed by JK Simmons. The role of the Bat Man in the film and why he will not be Ben Affleck’s Dark Knight is still unclear.

The information about this film indicated an antagonist played by Brendan Fraser: Firefly, a psychotic pyromaniac who wants to see the world burn in flames. This character wears a special suit with which he can fly and is armed with a dangerous flamethrower that serves to satisfy his deepest desires to set fire to everything he sees.

Who is the mysterious villain?

Now, a leak from the film set would confirm the presence of a classic Bat villain at the entrance of Batgirl in the DCEU. We are talking about Hugo Strange, a brilliant psychologist who attends Gotham and along the way becomes obsessed with Batman as he seeks non-existent revenge on the hero who never did anything to harm him. In the graphic novels Strange debuted even before the Joker y Catwoman.

Attention: Hugo Strange He is a rival with a very high level of intelligence to which he adds an impeccable physical condition. This villain is one of the first in the gallery of DC characters to discover the secret identity of Batman: BruceWayne. Is it possible that the version of Michael Keaton in the movie has an unfriendly encounter with the psychologist on duty?

Leslie Grace stars Batgirl and the film promises many surprises such as the possibility of including the Young Wonder, Robin. At least that is clear from other material that appeared on social networks and is content directly from the film set of this movie that excites many fans of the DC Extended Universe, especially those who want to see the “Bat-Family” on the big screen.

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