A couple ate for free for three years due to an error in an APP and now they have started a lawsuit to collect a millionaire sum

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A couple ate for free for three years due to an error in an APP and now they have started a lawsuit to collect a millionaire sum

A glitch in the payment processing system from a Japanese service food delivery at home allowed some users eat free for 3 years. But now the company initiated legal measures to collect that pending money.

The company in question is Demae-can. According to the statement that the company addressed to the affected users, certain orders made through the payment applications of the mobile telephony operators DoCoMo, au, and SoftBank were accepted and delivered, but a Demae-can system error made operators refund or cancel payments. In such a way, these never materialized.

“Your food, delivery and service charges total 0 yen. Enjoy! ”Was the message that buyers received by mistake.

Since the company started accepting payments through mobile phone operators on August 24, 2018, it is estimated that the failure may have occurred anytime between 2018 and 2021.

Upon discovering the breach, Demae-can revealed her intention to collect the money corresponding to all affected orders for the failure. However, the company’s decision did not go unnoticed by customers who expressed their dissatisfaction with the measure.

The victims claim that the error is not theirs, so they refuse to pay, especially when the claim occurs only three years after the transactions. While they have managed to eat for free numerous times, they do not want to admit their share of responsibility for not paying for the meal.

“They are charging me 60,000 yen [unos 550 dólares]. I’m going to die ”, reads the message of a client, according to a local media outlet. “I have received a unilateral message that tells me that I must pay within 2 weeks due to a payment error,” says another affected person who will also have to pay what was consumed.

According to SoraNews24, it is unclear why Demae-can took so long to discover the bug.

Demae-can: one of the leading food delivery services in Japan

Notably Demae Can is a recognized delivery company that allows customers place immediate orders in restaurants that offer home delivery throughout Japan. From multiple store categories including pizza, bento boxed meals, Chinese food, sushi, western cuisine, spirits and other services.

That way, users can check information such as menu items and current wait times and place orders, along with special offers. It is a fast way to buy online that can take as little as 20 minutes from when an order is placed until the product is delivered and payment is completed. Although of course, it does not always go well.

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