A court in Spain investigates a store for putting figures of the Christmas nativity scene in the shape of genitals in its window

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An Instruction Court of Seville has accepted the complaint filed by the ultra-right party Vox and the Fundación Abogados Cristianos against a store, La Verguería, located in the center of the Andalusian capital, for having put in its window a Christmas nativity scene whose figures were shaped like genitals.

The applicants consider that a offense against religious feelings and the order issued by the court presumes the presumed existence of the criminal offense, for which it has decided to initiate preliminary proceedings. Abogados Cristianos maintains that an intention has been given to harass and ridicule the figures with the intention of hurt believers.

For its part, the municipal group of Vox in Seville has requested that they be implemented precautionary measures, that is, that the removal of the nativity scene from the shop window is ordered until the merits of the matter are resolved.

La Verguería is a business dedicated to making and selling waffles with erotic shapes, so on these special dates they have chosen to decorate their showcase with these Christmas figures.

The owner of this erotic bakery has explained to the media that it was the idea of ​​two of his employees. “I think we had to take it all a little more with joy and humor“, reflected Andrea Suárez, to conclude by saying that whoever does not want to go to the store, does not do so, while whoever wants is invited.

For its part, Christian Lawyers is a habitual organization in the persecution of all ironic expressions or contrary to the Catholic religion. It was the foundation that denounced a group of women for holding a demonstration wearing a giant vagina in 2014 or more recently the actor Willy Toledo for calling the association “far-right” and its president as “troglodyte.”

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