A dazzling pink diamond could fetch more than $21 million at auction

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A dazzling pink diamond, described as one of the world’s purest, could top $21 million when it goes on sale in Hong Kong in October, Sotheby’s auction house said on Wednesday.

At 11.15 carats, the cushion-shaped gem is named the “Williamson Pink Star,” after two other pink diamonds.

One is the “CTF Pink Star,” a 59.60-carat mixed-cut oval diamond that sold for a record $71.2 million at auction in 2017.

The other is the “Williamson” stone, a 23.60-carat diamond that Canadian geologist John Thorburn Williamson gave to Britain’s Queen Elizabeth at her wedding. Worn by the monarch in a Cartier brooch, it was discovered in her mine in Tanzania.

The “Williamson Pink Star” also comes from that mine.

“(Pink diamonds) are exceptionally rare in nature,” Kristian Spofforth, head of jewelry at Sotheby’s, told Reuters at a press preview.

“Then you add additional factors like being over 10 carats, internally flawless and Type IIA, and you come to the pinnacle,” he added, referring to a subgroup of the most chemically pure diamonds.

High-quality colored stones are prized by the wealthy, and Spofforth said he expected a lot of bidding on the gem when it goes up for sale at an independent auction on Oct. 5.

“We have seen during the lockdown crisis and the COVID crisis that there is always a demand for the rare and beautiful in the world, and this is something exceptionally rare that I think will have many bidders that day,” he said.

Before the auction, the “Williamson Pink Star” will tour Dubai, Singapore and Taipei before arriving in Hong Kong.

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