A December 10 so that Raúl Alfonsín writhes in his grave

In the opposition, particularly in the UCR, they fight as if they had already guaranteed victory in 2023. As if giving a painful spectacle of savage internism did not matter, because the only important thing was to find a place, even if it was elbowed, in the distribution of power. , in an equation that is measured exclusively in charges.

Those who lose the most with this rowdy display are Martín Lousteau and Rodrigo de Loredo, who act as the figurehead of a radical group whose faces no one knows and has zero votes, but has managed for decades to survive in the interstices of politics by parasitizing the political capital of others. It is not very well known why Lousteau and de Loredo play their popularity and their votes to save the spaces of power for that group, if they do so due to a miscalculation about the repercussions that breaking the unity of their party may have, or because they believe their popularity is fireproof. But whatever the case, they will likely soon have to repent.

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And, anyway, the damage to the image of the opposition coalition has already been done. It will be necessary to see if with time it becomes gigantic. Which will depend on the duration and scope of the radical schism, something that has not occurred since 2007 Julio Cobos left to share formula with Cristina, but that from time to time you see that game you cannot avoid. And even more will depend on whether the dissident deputies vote differently from the rest of JxC and in tacit or express agreement with the ruling party. That would be much more serious. If it does not go so far, this displeasure will probably remain, with the passage of time, as a regrettable but minor episode, from which perhaps even its protagonists will learn.

The Frente de Todos differs from Together for Change: “unity above all”

Meanwhile, the government is doomed these days to do exactly the opposite of the radicals, and it does so for the opposite reasons to those that lead them to fight each other: everything is gesture and dramatization in the ruling party, a very careful performance of the “Unity above all”, behind shared goals that are not very well known, and it is possible to suspect that they will not last long (they will hardly survive, to begin with, the revelation of the IMF’s demands to sign, and the inevitability of accepting at least some of them ). Because, unlike the opponents, no one in the FdeT really knows how long they will stay together, and everyone suspects that 2023 is too far away.

It is that, indifferent to what is happening around him, and even more so to what is to come, the national government has become a show business. They held a dress rehearsal the Wednesday following the elections, celebrating “Victory” on the day of the rented militancy, and as they did quite well, they go with the show to full capacity on December 10. With an event even more massive and more “representative of the unit.”

The National Executive is similar in this to the UBA, which after two years of not giving almost a single face-to-face class, and offering a virtuality more than precarious in many faculties, it celebrated its 200 years with a mega recital in which health care, which is extreme when it comes to keeping classrooms closed, was conspicuous by its absence.

Curious fact, in that festive dramatization of an institution that has been providing very poor attention to its specific purposes, the same dark characters that encouraged Lousteau and Loredo to play a much less festive role in another institution, which, on the other hand, had been doing things quite well and had a lot to celebrate this end of the year. You can see that what those people like is to celebrate failure. Another of his coincidences with the national ruling party, which we hope will not continue to multiply.

Returning to Alberto and his management? The truth is that there are no doubts about what is important and what is secondary, what they try to do well, and what they do half reluctantly, because they have no other choice and whenever possible they leave in charge of extras, employees without name or surname.

This week they left for Washington to fix what is supposed to be the most important issue if not the only one that the government has to fix, three guys that nobody knows, to do numbers with the Fund bureaucrats, to see how much we are going to have to pay of rates, how much the twenty different dollars with which we handle ourselves are going to quote, how much will the purchasing power of pensions, public salaries, social plans, and other issues like that fall.

Meanwhile, in Buenos Aires, thousands of officials from the top of national power to the last cracks of the municipal administrations they strive so that on Friday the 10th the Frente de Todos has its party, And you can say, not that he turned 200, but 2, and that he is full of energy and willing to continue doing wonders for at least another two more.

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Since 2003 Néstor Kirchner appropriated the celebrations of May 25, wanting to turn a national date into a fake holiday, in which he celebrated himself. The claim was excessive, and luckily over time it fell into oblivion. Now his emulate Alberto Fernández intends to celebrate on the day of the recovery of Argentine democracy, and the international day of human rights.

If that was slow to get frustrated, It is to be expected that the Albertist show will last as long as a sigh. But it will still manage to sully our historical memory and the dignity of our institutions even more than they are. Surely, if he lived, this would not be the best December 10 that Raúl Alfonsín could wish for.

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