A developer of The Last of Us Part II talks about how difficult it was to design one of the game’s matchups

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NOTICE: This news includes spoilers for The Last of Us Part 2

Anyone who has played The Last of Us Part II knows that they have reached a certain part of the game. we started playing like Abby and that there is a time when we chase after Tommy, Joel’s brother. The phase forces us to go from cover to cover so as not to receive a rifle shot until we reach our objective. However, we never managed to reach it. That’s how it was thought, but … players often do the impossible in video games.

In the past week Kotaku reported that if you go too fast during this chase, you can reach tommy and kill him. This article encouraged TLOU2 technical designer Asher Einhorn to create an extensive thread on Twitter to explain how difficult it was to design this chase.

Einhorn comments that Tommy’s chase on TLOU2 started as a “sniper prototype” which he started working on in 2016 before the studio opted to make this sequence “boss fight.” The director of TLOU2, Neil Druckmann, decided that Tommy should be the boss that we face.

Tommy wasn’t going to die in this sequence, so we had the extremely difficult challenge of creating a boss fight where you weren’t going to win, AND one where you couldn’t even shoot him.“Einhorn said.

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Einhorn added that the team knew that if the players shot Tommy and he didn’t die, people would say has a “plot armor“or what was a”quirk of the script, which would ruin all the tension and immersion of the video game. The challenge was to create a fight with him without creating a fight.

Einhorn went on to say that it was important to make the match feel ‘fair’, which is why “Tommy gets into position before you can get to a good point of view … so you can never really find out that Tommy is essentially invincible, [ya que] it will shoot you practically as soon as you try to aim it“.

The Einhorn thread speaks of how the team decided to create a linear sequence, using destructible objects to make Tommy feel like a dangerous character and to make it clear that sticking your head out to shoot is not a good idea. And it worked for most, but the new clip led Abby to Tommy has shown that he doesn’t have such obvious “invincibility”.

Finally, Einhorn believes that sequence “suffers a bit because it’s not long enough to let the beat breathe.” “I think it had to be a much bigger space, with more force crossings and zigzags and with more destructible things for Tommy to hit while shooting at youDespite this, the developer hopes we will enjoy it.

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I was thinking a lot about this sequence after launch, because it was just A LOT of work, but that work is not particularly noticeable.. We tried to prevent the player from doing something that the entire game has done so far and not being frustrating and that was SO difficult. But in the end, when you play it, you don’t feel the effort that has gone into like you would with a more dramatic piece. “

This scene took a lot of work, more than we think. They certainly achieved what they set out to do: A tense scene that forces the player to think that the direct attack is not the best idea. Later, certain players discovered that by making an exact route you could quickly reach Tommy and kill him, so in part it is a small victory for the player over the established.

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