A doctor accused of using his semen to inseminate patients reaches a 10.7 million dollar settlement with victims

Un médico acusado de usar su semen para inseminar pacientes logra un acuerdo de 10,7 millones de dólares con las víctimas

About 200 victims of a Canadian fertility doctor accused of using the wrong sperm, including his, to inseminate women have reached a financial agreement with the doctor for some of 10.7 million dollars (13.3 million Canadian dollars) as a measure to compensate the damages caused, an amount that will be distributed among those affected.

According to they report local media, the settlement is part of a class action lawsuit filed in 2016 against Norman Barwin, who is indicted for 226 people having used the wrong sperm samples to inseminate women and even use their own semen during procedures.

Of agreement to reports, after DNA testing, at least 17 persons they have discovered that his biological father is Barwin; Similarly, more than 80 women have discovered that the sperm used during their insemination procedure does not correspond to the person it should.

The pact, the first of its kind in the world, has yet to be approved by the Ontario Superior Court of Justice; however, both parties have agreed to the arrangement. If endorsed by the authorities, each of those affected will have the possibility of applying for compensation of some $ 40,000.

Rebecca Dixon, one of Barwin’s daughters, called the proposed settlement an “imperfect solution” and regretted that the doctor did not directly accept responsibility. “I am not sure that we are going to achieve a closure. It is something that will accompany us the rest of our lives. But finalizing the legal part will allow people to be a little more at peace with the situation,” said the woman.

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