“A dream come true”: An Irish farmer sells one of his rams for $ 52,000 (VIDEO)

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A farmer named Richard Thompson sold one of his rams this week for $ 52,000 at an auction in Wicklow, Ireland, a national record for such operations, they report. local media.

The man, who started raising Suffolk sheep in 2015, said he knew the animal – just seven months old – was special. “I was expecting good money, but not this,” admits the man, who it is proposed invest the money earned on your farm.

The purchase, made by a consortium led by farmer Dennis Taylor, is the highest of its kind in the country’s history. Until now, the record bid for a lamb in Ireland stood at $ 45,000.

The farmer explained that his wife Marie was viewing the auction online and that when the auction started ‘bidding war’, he couldn’t believe what was happening to his male sheep. Although he knew the previous record, he never imagined that they could break it. “You are always hopeful, but it is not often,” he said.

In this sense, he assures that his ram was “what everyone was looking for, what everyone is trying to raise”, because – he emphasizes – “it has a different lineage.” “It is a dream come true”, admits the farmer, convinced that things like this only happen once in a lifetime.

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