A dystopian hell: the details of the largest prison in China that has complaints of torture with batons and brainwashing

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An international scandal surrounds the largest prison in China that has been denounced for torturing and electrocuting the prisoners housed there. This space contains approximately 10,000 inmates and has been denounced for practices aimed at brainwashing and control methods with cattle prods.

It’s about the detention center Urumqi N ° 3 in Dabancheng which is located in the region of Xinjiang and is home to thousands of Uighur Muslims. This is the largest detention facility in the country and possibly the world, with a complex that spans 220 acres, twice the size of the Vatican City.

Additionally, the prison complex is surrounded by 25-foot-tall concrete walls painted blue, watchtowers and humming electrical cables.

Also on site are 22 rooms with chairs and computers where inmates can converse with lawyers, family members and police via video, as they are tied to their seats. In turn, there is a list of guidelines posted on the wall that instruct staff on the protocol of how to deal with sick inmates and how to force-feed those on hunger strike.

According to satellite images of the detention center of Dabancheng New buildings spanning nearly a mile were added in 2019 to accommodate these 10,000 inmates, the vast majority of whom are Uighurs and other predominantly Muslim minorities.

Despite modern facilities, a report from International Amnesty released last month called the center a “dystopian hell” confirming that the stories inside the prison describe this place as “worse than hell” with horrible living conditions, as inmates are periodically subjected to torture.

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The versions were released after a teacher of the facilities of Dabancheng will publicly denounce that during classes he could hear the sounds of people being tortured with electric batons and iron chairs. But, in addition, former detainees have also described so-called vocational “training centers” as camps surrounded by barbed wire and armed guards.

As it was learned, the detention center also plans video classes to teach prisoners about their crimes. “We control what they see,” he said. Zhu Hongbin, Center Director. “We can see if they are breaking the regulations, or if they may hurt themselves or commit suicide.”

Then the director of the largest prison in ChinaHe added: “They need to be taught why it is bad to kill people, why it is bad to steal.”

Despite this, officials have repeatedly denied the existence of “training centers” and the procedures by which they are accused, arguing that this prison is proof of China’s commitment to rehabilitation and the rule of law, with inmates provided hot meals, exercise, access to legal advice, and televised classes to lecture them about their crimes.

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