A failed attack 17 days before and a millionaire robbery: the revelations of the Haitian Police about the assassination of Moïse

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Un atentado fallido 17 días antes y un millonario robo: las revelaciones de la Policía de Haití sobre el magnicidio de Moïse

On June 20, 17 days before his assassination, an armed group tried to carry out the kidnapping of the then president of Haiti, Jovenel Moïse, at the Port-au-Prince airport, but a change in their schedule prevented the operation from being carried out.

The data emerges from the preliminary report prepared by the Haitian authorities, to which the newspaper had access Time, and in which the Police establish their presumptions about the assassination: the premeditation of the Colombian mercenaries in the assassination plan, the participation of two US-based companies and the complicity of the president’s security personnel in the made because, when the assault on Moïse’s residence was carried out, “the front door was open.”

According to the police, there was a command made up of six people, in which the deceased Colombian mercenaries Mauricio Javier Romero Medina and Duberney Capador Giraldo participated, who had a clear order to “assassinate the president and look for the dollars,” which were allegedly in the agent’s room.

How did the events occur?

The report points out that, after analyzing the testimonies, it can be deduced that “the accused allegedly they knew they were going to kill the president“.

One day before the crime, the retired captain, the Colombian Germán Alejandro Rivera García, designated as head of the operation, gave them the order to “murder all the people who were in the house.” The command would have refused, because he supposedly traveled to Haiti to “take care of personalities of the national life and not to kill anyone.”

But Joseph Felix Badio, a former official of the Ministry of Justice and considered one of the intellectual authors of the murder, informed them that in the president’s room there was two suitcases and two boxes with 45 million dollars. From that money, they would receive 18 million for “executing the action”, which would have pushed them to agree to commit the crime. They put a condition: “they would only kill the president. No one else.”

To carry out the operation, CTU Security and Worldwide Capital, both based in the US, invested $ 865,376, money that would also be recovered after the theft.

The night of the crime

In the early morning of July 7, around 1:00 a.m., the mercenaries arrived at Moïse’s private residence. They were organized in four groups and distributed in six vans. Between three and four Haitian policemen also traveled in each vehicle, always according to the investigation.

In the first truck was a commando, baptized as Delta, and in which were the ex-military Duberney Capador and James Solages, a Haitian-American citizen who would have turned himself in to the Haitian police authorities after the assassination.

“They subjected the personnel of the two entry control points to the presidential house, in each position there were four uniformed men and they mounted them in the back of the trucks,” the text reads.

The Delta group made their way to the president’s room, while the rest remained on the first floor. They communicated through a radio. “They took the boxes, bags and suitcases out into the corridor so that the group that was on the first floor could help to lower the money and accommodate in the vans“, says the document. Many of the members of the command were later captured with bundles of $ 100 bills on top.

The newspaper does not give details about the timing of Moïse’s murder in the report.

La huida

The Police found out that three days before the murder there was a meeting at the home of Wendelle Coq Thélot, a judge at the Court of Cassation, the highest judicial body in the country, and currently a fugitive from Justice. Joseph Felix Badio, businessman Rodolphe Jaar and former opposition senator John Joel Joseph participated, all three wanted by the Police, among others.

According to the information, at that meeting the command was informed that after Moïse’s death, the judge would assume the Presidency and that after the assassination they would be in charge of providing him with protection.

They were calm, even sure that they would be protected by the Haitian authorities, because they had been told so. That is why they did not flee the island “, it is emphasized.

But when leaving the residence, the National Police killed several members of the command, including Duberney Capador. Colonel Rivera García gave them the order to go to the Taiwanese Embassy, ​​where at least eleven members were finally arrested.

One of the things that the Police have pending clarification is the burning of three of the trucks, where in addition to missing several evidence, such as the closed circuit video that was deactivated and extracted by one of the commandos, there would also be “millions of dollars” that they took out of the residence.

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