A family rented a house in Brazil and found the owner buried in the garden

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While police cases seem like they only happened in movies, they happen in real life too. In August 2018, a married couple and their two children moved into a house in Ubatuba, on the north coast of Sao Paulo, Brazil. The family chose the property because it was cheaply rented and the space was comfortable.

The real estate agency that rented them told them that since 2013 the owner of the house was missing, but they did not give it much importance. The woman was called Lucia and he was 62 years old. At first, the children of the couple joked that the woman was buried there, but as a game.

“Many acquaintances asked us if we had any news of her. When we explained that we did not know her, they began to tell us things about Lucia. They said that she liked animals a lot and that she had cats, that she was alone, had depression and was taking medication, ”the mother of the family told BBC Brazil.

Over time, the family began renovating the house. “At first, we did not want to intervene in the garden because the house is not ours and the plants were really beautiful. But we decided to do it because our puppy would roll in the dirt in the garden and enter the house smelling very bad. The neighbors were upset because many snails gathered there, ”the woman said.

In January 2021, the father of the family and his son were working in the garden, when they saw something that caught their attention. It was a buried cloth. “But I pulled and saw that it was heavy. Do you know when that cold comes down your back? I looked at my son and said, ‘I wonder if they buried any animals here,’ ”he recalled.

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“I took one end and my son the other. It weighed a lot. We took it out of the hole and when I opened it all the bones came out. At that moment I said: ‘we found the owner of the house’. I was paralyzed. It was horrible, you don’t want to believe this is happening to you. Time seems to freeze. A million things go through your head ”. “It felt like a movie. I was in shock “, said the couple’s eldest son.

Finally they called the police. A representative of the real estate agency went to the site and informed the relatives of Lucia. A metal prosthesis for the spine was the data that helped the researchers identify the body.

For the marriage, the history of the woman will always be part of the memory of them and their children, although it is still under investigation. “It is something tragic and remarkable, which will accompany us,” they assured.

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