“A Fascinating Love Story: How Margarita’s Nephew Became a Father by Surrogate Pregnancy at 54”

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The Danish Royal Family welcomes a new addition, as Gustav Sayn-Wittgenstein, Queen Margaret’s nephew, and his wife Carina Axelsson become parents for the first time at the age of 54. The couple became parents via surrogacy in the United States, with the princes present at the time of the birth. The newborn baby boy has been named Gustav Albrecht, after his great-grandfather.

Gustav Albrecht is the fifth grandson of Princess Benedicta, sister of the Danish monarch and Queen Anne-Marie of Greece, who had three children with Richard of Sayn-Wittgenstein-Berleburg. The new baby is the elder child of Gustav and Carina, who recently announced that they would be starting a new phase as a family of three.

The couple celebrated their first year of marriage on June 5th, and Gustav and Carina are both delighted to have achieved their desire to become parents.

Their journey to parenthood was not without its challenges. Gustav and Carina met twenty years ago, but they were unable to marry because the prince’s grandfather had stipulated that his partner should be noble, Aryan, and Protestant to retain his position and the dynasty’s German castle. Carina did not meet the requirements, being an American, Protestant, and without aristocratic ties.

When Princess Benedicta’s husband passed away, Gustav fought for the revocation of the controversial clause in his grandfather’s last will, which prevented him from marrying the woman he loved. Despite the legal challenges, justice finally ruled in his favor. However, the legal process was complicated, with Prince Ludwig Ferdinand claiming to be the legitimate heir and alleging that his great-nephew was already in breach of the will by living with Carina.

The Danish Royal Family is thrilled by the arrival of little Gustav Albrecht and celebrates the happy news with Gustav and Carina.

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