A fugitive who escaped from jail almost 30 years ago surrenders to the police after becoming homeless

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Un fugitivo que se escapó de la cárcel hace casi 30 años se entrega a la Policía tras convertirse en un sintecho

A man, who escaped from jail almost three decades ago, surrendered to the Police in Australia this Sunday.

This is Darko Desic, who escaped from Grafton Correctional Facility in the state of New South Wales on August 1, 1992 with the use of a saw blade and bolt cutters, while serving a three-year sentence for growing cannabis. , report The Daily Telegraph.

Throughout all these years, Desic had working piecework as a farmhand and resided in a Sydney suburb. The fugitive did not appear on the radar of the security organsas it was “completely respectful of the law” and did not give rise to suspicion.

However, everything changed with the coronavirus pandemic, when Desic became a homeless. Failing to endure new living conditions, the criminal decided to return to prison to have a place to stay.

Upon surrendering to the Police, the convict reported that he had fled, because he feared that, once his sentence was completed, They will deport him to, at that time, Yugoslavia, where sanctions awaited him for not having completed compulsory military service.

Meanwhile, Desic was accused of having escaped from legal custody. He is scheduled to appear before the judge again on September 28.

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