A Girl Saved By US Police Who Was About to Crush Now Video Is Publicly Available

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A security camera has captured the moment when a police officer heroically pushed a high school student crossing a zebra crossing to save her from being hit by a speeding car. In the video, you can see how the police raised their hands to the vehicle to force it to stop, but it ignored the indications.

Then, just as the student was crossing the crosswalk, the officer grabbed her tightly and threw her to the other side. Even so, the police could not help but be violently run over. The worker was taken to a hospital in Maryland, United States, and was discharged shortly after.

Annette Goodyear, an officer with the North East Police Department in Cecil County, Maryland, prevented a child from being hit by a car at a crosswalk, but in doing so, she was hit by the vehicle. In the video of the feat, recorded by a bus camera, Goodyear is seen controlling a zebra crossing near a local school, and instructing a car to stop raising its hand, moments before the child begins to cross.

Realizing that the driver did not stop, the agent pushed the schoolboy but was rammed herself. Goodyear was hospitalized after the crash but has already been discharged, RT reports.

“This is what police heroes do!” wrote Jeffrey Lawson, superintendent of the Cecil County School District, on his Twitter account, alongside the release of the recording, which has already racked up more than 1.3 million views.

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